Liberal Gun Control Arguments Crushed By a Single Meme

Seth Connell reports that those of us who are read up on the importance of our right to bear arms know that banning guns does NOT reduce crime. It may stop a couple of gun crimes, but the overall crime rate often goes up in places where citizens cannot own firearms for self-defense (such as the UK).

However, over six years ago, there was another organization that published a powerful story warning about the dangers of banning guns, especially at the local level. During 2010, the Second Amendment was applied to the states in the case of McDonald vs Chicago. That same year, the Chicago Tribune warned about the dangerous policies enacted by the city.

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News reports:

On March 04, 2010, the Chicago Tribune reported that the hallmark of municipal gun bans was a sharp increase in death rates, and it suggested the reason for the rise in fatalities was because bans affect law-abiding citizens rather than criminals.

The Tribune admitted the failure of gun bans nearly two years after the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Washington DC’s ban in District of Columbia v Heller (2008) and roughly three months before SCOTUS would overturn Chicago’s ban in McDonald v Chicago (2010).

According to the Tribune, municipal gun bans are flawed in concept. Therefore, rather than a decline in homicides, the years following the implementation of DC’s gun ban saw “the number of killings [rise] by 156 percent.” And the surge in killings came “at a time when murders nationally increased by just 32 percent.” The death rate grew so high that DC “vied regularly for the title of murder capital of America” after the ban was implemented.

The article titled “Chicago’s pointless handgun ban: City gun ordinances proved to be a failure,” author Steve Chapman slammed the City of Chicago for laws that made the Windy City one of the most dangerous in the United States.

The Second Amendment may kill such restrictions [as Chicago enacted], but in most places, it wasn’t needed to keep them from hatching in the first place.

Maybe that’s because there were so many flaws in the basic idea. Or maybe it was because strict gun control makes even less sense at the municipal level than it does on a broader scale. At any rate, the policy turned out to be a comprehensive dud.

In the years following its ban, Washington did not generate a decline in gun murders. In fact, the number of killings rose by 156 percent — at a time when murders nationally increased by just 32 percent. For a while, the city vied regularly for the title of murder capital of America.

As Chapman noted, on a municipal level, gun bans make even less sense than they do on a broader scale. Whereas the broader areas have access to firearms, for both citizens (as they should) and criminals (as they should not, but still do on the black market). In areas where municipal bans do not act on citizens, crimes rates did not increase as quickly as they did where guns were banned.

The ban on handguns in the City of Chicago only affected the residents who had not, nor were ever inclined to commit crimes. Clearly the ban on handguns did not cause any reduction in crime; and arguably, it only empowered criminals and left all other residents at the mercy of gangs and thugs on the streets.

Now, of course, the Left will use this example as justification to bans guns nationally (in spite of the clear language of the Second Amendment, but let not the Supreme Law of the Land thwart population control schemes). Hillary Clinton has stated multiple times that she favors Australian style gun confiscations and bans. And don’t underestimate her resolve to do that with or without Congress.

It makes no sense to ban guns in a municipality or a nation as a whole. Why jeopardize your population’s safety? Why violate the natural right of self-defense?

Well, once you realize that it’s not about our safety, it all makes sense…

Debate Commission: ‘There Were Issues’ with Donald Trump’s Audio


The commission on presidential debates admits there were problems with Donald Trump’s audio during his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.

“Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall,” the Commission on Presidential Debates say in a carefully worded email to reporters.

After finishing the debate, Trump insisted in the spin room that his microphone was “defective.”

“They gave me a defective mic!” he told reporters, speculating whether it was “on purpose.”

When Clinton was asked about Trump’s complaint, she dismissed it as proof he flunked his first debate.

“Anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night,” she said to reporters.



NY Times says there’s “no evidence” she appeared in a sex tape, even though she appeared in a sex tape

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton claims Donald Trump’s assertion that former Miss Universe Alicia Machado appeared in a sex tape is a “conspiracy theory,” while the New York Times says there is no evidence for it, despite the fact that Machado did indeed appear in a sex tape.

Hillary responded to Trump’s continued questioning of her using Machado as a campaign surrogate by tweeting that his claims about her past were “conspiracy theories”.


In his original tweet, Trump said that Machado had appeared in a “sex tape”.

“Fact-checkers have found no evidence that Ms. Machado, who was featured in Playboy, appeared in a sex tape. Her critics may be referring to a risqué scene that she appeared in on a reality television show,” reported the New York Times, running defense for Hillary.

Except that’s patently not true.

Machado was seen having sex…..on tape. In what universe is that not a sex tape?

She romped on camera with Fernando Acaso on a Spanish reality TV show called The Farm while being engaged to someone else at the time.

The Times’ description of the incident as a “risqué scene” is a complete euphemism.

Listen to what Machado was recorded on tape saying during the encounter.

“Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine.”

Does that sound “risqué” to you, or does it sound like what you’d hear on a sex tape?

The New York Times is flagrantly lying to its readers and Trump has been vindicated once again.

Alicia Machado clearly appeared in a sex tape.

The establishment is now desperately trying to cope with the blowback of Hillary’s dreadful decision of picking Machado as her big feminist poster child, a woman who had an illegitimate child with a Mexican drug lord and allegedly drove the getaway car in a murder attempt and threatened to kill a judge.

The entire fake scandal is based around the notion that Trump “fat shamed” Machado, even though the only video of his exchange with her shows Trump being incredibly complimentary towards Machado and defending her against those who pressured her to quit over her weight.

The media is noticeably less interested in Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women, which includes calling them “bimbos” as well as intimidating Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

But Trump may or may not have called someone overweight 20 years ago, so apparently that’s a bigger scandal.

And Alicia Machado appearing in a sex tape is a ‘conspiracy theory’, despite the fact that she appeared in a sex tape.

And that’s why 94% of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media.



She’s a fraud, a liar, and a terrible example for young women

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Hillary intimidates female rape victims, but Trump is sexist because he called a woman fat 20 years ago.

Watch this video for the truth about how the media is spinning this fake scandal and how Hillary is trying to turn a terrible example for young women into a feminist role model.

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J. P.

+NoobprepperNYC B-Bu..but Snopes said it was “Mostly False” that she was a porn star!

dude there two one that’s an outright porn she’s doing anal and the other is the one from the show
Jack Randumb

her saying “everyone has a past” so wouldn’t what Trump supposedly said in the past in her own words make it null n void? I wonder how much Hillary paid this whore to lie.

Your videos are enough to get Trump elected.
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+D3C3n50r 7 is the most magically powerful number
Michael Stricklin

Sadly the media treats Trump like the next Hitler, and people eat it up.

Saudis tried to cut secret deal with OPEC – WSJ

Ahead of OPEC’s informal freeze talks in Algeria, Saudi Arabia offered the cartel a secret deal, reports the Wall Street Journal citing people familiar with the matter.

Riyadh reportedly promised to reduce its crude output by 400,000 barrels per day, if Iran would keep production at the current level of 3.6 million barrels.

However, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh rejected the offer as Tehran plans to return to producing 4.2 million barrels a day, according to the newspaper.

READ MORE: Saudi Arabia puts end to pump-at-will policy

Saudi Arabia has reviewed its pump-at-will policy due to the country’s growing economic problems. Riyadh’s current position is in stark contrast to earlier this year, when former oil minister Ali al-Naimi claimed the kingdom would survive even at $20 a barrel.

Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih’s attention was drawn to OPEC’s forecast that global crude oversupply would persist into 2017, according to people close to the matter.

The prospect suggests potentially longer than expected economic pain from low oil prices for Riyadh, as the kingdom is waging an expensive war in Yemen, and middle-class living standards have dropped.

Aiming to cut costs, the Saudi government has slashed ministers’ salaries by 20 percent and abolished public sector perks.

READ MORE: Saudi Arabia cuts ministers’ salaries, reduces public sector bonuses

Moreover, the authorities are concerned over the valuation of the state-run oil company Saudi Aramco with projected prices below $50 per barrel next year. Riyadh plans to publicly list the world’s most valuable firm in 2018 as part of the economic diversification reforms.

Earlier this week, OPEC agreed to cut oil output to a range of 32.5-33.0 million barrels per day starting in November.

50 asylum-seekers stage riot, attack guards at refugee center in Berlin

Some 50 refugees staged a riot at an accommodation facility in the northern district of Reinickendorf in Berlin, knocking down doors, damaging furniture, stealing personal belongings, and physically attacking security guards, local media reports.

Security personnel turned on the lights in the building late Thursday night after it was discovered that one of their offices had been broken into and looted. Several residents of the refugee center broke down the door to the security room and stole some personal belongings of the employees, German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost reported.

Some refugees punched and kicked the security guards. Some of the guards’ personal cars, parked nearby, were vandalized. Security personnel called police, and around thirty police officers arrived to rescue them and restore order.

Police have launched an investigation. Possible charges include disturbing the peace, property damage, burglary, and attempted aggravated assault, DPA news agency reported.

Most of the attackers are believed to have been intoxicated.

There were no reports of injuries except for one security guard who was rushed to the hospital with head injuries.

This is not the first time the refugee center located on Zobeltitzstraße has made the headlines of German newspapers. Back in May, around 150 asylum-seekers engaged in a brawl with security personnel following a row over a drunken resident.

This kind of incident occasionally happens in Germany and most often involves young refugees who are under the influence of alcohol, which is prohibited in the places where they reside. The restriction, however, does not prevent them from drinking outside the facilities during the day.

In January, police broke up a huge brawl between around 200 asylum-seekers who clashed at the Leiman centre in southern Germany. According to reports, one group caught another drinking alcohol and called them “bad Muslims,” causing a fight to break out. More than 30 police cars were sent to the scene to stop the brawl. Five people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

At the same time, Germany has seen a rise in hate crimes against refugee camps. Refugee facilities have been targeted more than 650 times since the beginning of 2016, a recent police report indicated. Most of the attacks were allegedly carried out by far-right activists who oppose German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘open-door policy.’

Clinton calls for ‘National Service Reserve’ for millennials

Hillary Clinton wants to enlist young Americans into a national service program, where they would assist the government with anything from disaster relief to public works. The proposal is part of her push to win over millennial voters.

The Democratic presidential candidate announced the “National Service Reserve” plan on her campaign website on Friday. Clinton aims at recruiting five million Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 to help local, state and federal governments cope with a range of problems, “from natural disasters in places like Baton Rouge or emergency relief in places like Flint, MI to addressing the epidemic of addiction in places like New Hampshire.”

“The Reserve will provide a vehicle for the sense of civic ownership and responsibility that Clinton has felt throughout her life, bringing Americans from all backgrounds together in common cause to make a difference where they live,” the campaign said.

In exchange for serving, the reservists would be eligible for college credit, time off from work, or even a “modest stipend” based on financial need, the announcement explained. Clinton said she would negotiate the benefits with colleges and corporations.


Millennials are eager to volunteer and serve, the campaign argued, citing as example that the number of applications to AmeriCorps is five times greater than the number of openings in the paid service organization.

The former secretary of state also said she wanted to triple the size of AmeriCorps from 75,000 to 250,000 members and expand the Peace Corps. The expansion would also create new volunteer opportunities for Americans over 55, the campaign said.

The Peace Corps was established in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, as a way for Americans to “promote world peace and friendship” abroad. Its domestic version, AmeriCorps, was set up by President Bill Clinton in 1993.

Though Clinton’s campaign floated plans to expand AmeriCorps in August of last year, the Democratic candidate is currently amid a major push to appeal to young voters. Polls show the demographic that decisively contributed to electing Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 is far less enthusiastic about Clinton.

A mid-September Quinnipiac poll showed Clinton just 5 percentage points ahead of the Republican candidate Donald Trump in the 18-to-34 age bracket, with Green Party’s Jill Stein and Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson making a surprisingly strong showing.

Clinton has responded by dispatching surrogates with appeal to younger voters to campaign for her at college campuses in battleground states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina. Among the speakers were Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) – Clinton’s rival in the primaries – as well as First Lady Michelle Obama.

She also appeared on the comedy show “Between Two Ferns” and promised free community college education and debt-free college plans for families making less than $125,000 a year.