OOPS: CNN accidentally exposes its own blatant pro-Hillary setup…

I saw this live. This was 100% STAGED. When they switched back to host don lemon, don made the remark that that guy was his friend and camera man in rwanda. Oops let it slip


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton often had trouble getting more than a few hundred people to show up to her rallies, but now tens of thousands nationwide have been protesting Trump’s win (as if it will accomplish anything). If only their level of enthusiasm for Hillary matched their enthusiasm against Trump, perhaps they wouldn’t have anything to protest.

It’s also impressive that none of these people protesting appear to have a job they need to show up for — which certainly lends credibility to the theory that they’re paid agitators (because most are).

CNN (Clinton News Network) was so desperate to stage an interview with an “angry Hillary supporter” that they turned to none other than a former CNN employee.

Via Milo Yiannopoulos:

The reputation of CNN’s election coverage continues to crumble in the wake of revelations that one of its reporters staged an interview with an ‘angry Hillary Clinton supporter’ who is actually a former employee of the network.

“I need Hillary to stand up right now, walk in, and… sue the United States of America,” demands the interviewee, animated hand motions and all.

The rant was caught live on video as CNN interviewed protesters involved in a riot against Donald Trump’s election victory.

“Back when black people….right, they couldn’t vote, right? How many years ago your vote would’ve been one-third? Guess what: today it still is, today right now it still is.”

To which the CNN reporter asked, “So you don’t feel like this was a fair election? Because it looks like Donald Trump won fair and square.”

The interviewee responds, “How did he win fair and square, Hillary had more votes? More human beings voted for Hillary, this isn’t fair!”

First of all, it is fair because it’s a system called the ‘electoral college’ and it’s what America has used to decide elections for centuries.

Second of all, the entire interview falls apart as soon as host Don Lemon (perhaps without realizing the weight of what he was doing) identifies the supposedly random interviewee as a former cameraman of CNN (watch here).

Turns out, while the election may be over, CNN’s attempts to push their pro-Hillary agenda are not.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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