Nancy Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic to Dem Rep Carson: ‘Tell Them You’re A Muslim’

By Pam Key

Monday night in front of the Supreme Court at a Democratic leadership news conference about President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was heard on a hot mic encouraging Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), to tell the crowd he is a Muslim.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARSON: Greetings from the great state of Indiana. I’m Congressman Andre Carson.

PELOSI (OFF MIC): Tell them you’re a Muslim. Tell them you’re a Muslim.

CARSON: Not only do I represent Indiana’s seventh congressional district very proudly, but I happen to be a Muslim and a former police officer.

(h/t Free Beacon)

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Pet Muslims! Get your Pet Muslims!
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Gorka: ‘Idea That ISIS Will Be Nice to Us If We Behave a Certain Way’ Is ‘Absolutely Absurd’

By John Hayward

On Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily, White House Deputy Assistant Dr. Sebastian Gorka said the charge leveled by such critics as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that terrorists will use President Trump’s immigration order as a recruiting tool was “absolutely absurd.”

“The idea that any executive order, any government document, lessens or increases the hatred of the Islamist jihadis for America simply means you do not understand the threat,” he contended. “We are still infidels, whoever the president is, and whatever executive orders are signed. The idea that suddenly ISIS will be nice to us, if we behave a certain way – that makes our government hostage to these maniacs, and that will never happen.”

SiriusXM host Alex Marlow noted that mainstream media outrage about Trump’s order has been wildly disproportionate to the small number of people actually affected by it so far.

“As my good friend, and perhaps your competitor, Chris Plante at WMAL says: ‘for the Left, reality is optional,’” Gorka said. “It’s not about truth. It’s not about facts. The real fake news is coming from those organs, and they’re not interested in national security; they’re interested in narrative. Those days are over.”

Speaking as a member of the Trump administration, Gorka said he would not comment on individual actions, such as Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ defiance of the immigration order.

“I’m just going to reiterate what our press secretary, Sean Spicer, said in his masterful press seminar yesterday. He said, “Look, there is a new President. And if you have fundamental issues with his policies, you may wish to rethink your place in his government. This is the Commander-in-Chief, and he has certain policies he will execute. That is something you need to take seriously, whichever agency you work in,” he said.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka was formerly national security editor for Breitbart News. He is the author of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.

Breitbart News Daily airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.


Kaine: Democrats Have to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Against Trump

By Pam Key

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Democrats must “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,” against the administration of President Donald Trump.

Partial transcript as follows:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, CO-HOST “MORNING JOE”: So, broad question about the future of the Democratic Party, especially given your firsthand experience with what we’ve all been through. There’s so much going on here that we clearly see, you know, places where you — we can criticize what the administration is doing, but how does the party rebuild? How do you prevent overreach in a situation like this? How do you prevent a continuation of the bubble in a situation like this, and how does the party reclaim its reach across the country while fighting these battles?

SEN. TIM KAINE (D-VA): Well, let me talk about continuation of the bubble, Mika. This is something I’m so excited about. I saw that Howard Dean tweeted at me the other day, “Tim, the base is getting ahead of the leaders.” That’s exactly backward. We are so excited that the American public is energized to speak out against the abuses of this administration. Democratic senators led healthcare rallies — Save Our Healthcare — on Martin Luther King Day in about 75 cities around the country, including Richmond. Tens of thousands of people rallied to save our health care. Then, the Women’s March that was organized at a grassroots level. Then, people coming out in protest of these orders. So, the way we get outside the bubble is we take advantage of this tremendous public outcry against the administration. What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there’s the momentum to be able to do this. And we’re not afraid of the popular outcry, we’re energized by it and that’s going to help us do our job and do it better.

Google Organizes Rallies Protesting Trump Temporary Terror Travel Halt

By Lucas Nolan

Google employees and executives held rallies at Google offices across the United States on Monday in protest of President Trump’s temporary travel halt from nations associated with terrorism.

Google campuses filled yesterday with employees holding large signs that read “Make America Think Again,” and the former Google motto, “Don’t Be Evil,” as they gathered to protest the recent immigration halt enacted by President Trump. Google’s campus in Mountain View, California, hosted one of the largest protests, which featured multiple speakers including Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Google founder Sergey Brin, immigrants associated with the company.


One of the speakers at the event, Iranian-born product manager Soufi Esmaelizadeh, spoke to the crowd, explaining that she was temporarily stuck in limbo over the past week when attempting to return to the U.S. from Switzerland. “This executive order is racist, unconstitutional and needs to be revoked,” Esmaelizadeh said to loud cheers from the crowd of Google employees.

CEO Sunar Pichai spoke to the crowd about the difficulties that the company faces attempting to deal with the visa complications many of their foreign employees encountered, thanking all those who appeared at the march. He said, “Every step, I felt the support of 65,000 people behind me.” He continued, “There are some values that you should never be compromising on, we need to stand together. The fight will continue.”

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, also spoke out against President Trump’s immigration halt last Thursday when reports of the temporary travel halt first began to surface. Schmidt stated in one of the company’s end-of-week meetings that President Trump’s administration would continue to do “evil things as they’ve done in the immigration area.” Schmidt reportedly told employees that the “tone of this government is very much economic growth.” He further stated, “I think at the end of the day, they are going to do these evil things as they’ve done in the immigration area and perhaps some others. But the core focus is going to be to get the growth rate in the country — which is roughly one-and-a-half to two percent — up another point by simply pushing through increases in federal spending and overcoming the Tea Party.”

In documents released by WikiLeaks, Schmidt expressed interest in acting as “head outside advisor” to the Clinton campaign during last year’s presidential election. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange previously characterized Google as “directly engaged” in the campaign. Specifically, Assange claimed, “The chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, set up a company to run the digital component of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

Budweiser Debuts Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad

By Jerome Hudson

Budweiser has chosen the charged political issue of immigration as the subject of its Super Bowl LI commercial.

The 60-second spot explains the origin story of the beer company’s immigrant co-founder, Adolphus Busch.

The ad, titled “Born the Hard Way,” begins with a young, German-born Busch being told, “You’re not wanted here! Go back home!” The big budget production eventually sees Busch land on the shores of St. Louis where he built his mega-brewery.

“This is the story of the original self-made man, one of the founders of the American Dream, making it the hard way, and his path that all came after him followed,” Laura Rowan, of Budweiser’s creative branch told Adweek.

“We then see the words appear: ‘When nothing will stop your dream, this is the beer you’ll drink.’ We end with the Budweiser logo and [tagline], ‘This Bud’s for you,’” she said of the ad.

Ricardo Marques, vice president and executive for the Budweiser brand in the U.S., says the company’s pro-immigration Super Bowl ad is “relevant today,” in light of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and his executive order intended to tighten security along the U.S.-Mexico border and enhance enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

“It’s true, Adolphus Busch made an incredible journey to this country, and that’s really what this is about. It’s about his vision, his dream, everything that he doest to achieve that,” Marques told AdWeek. “Even though it happened in the 1850s, it’s a story that is super relevant today. That’s what we’re honing in on; it’s the pursuit, the effort, the passion, the drive, the hard work, the ambition, that’s really what this is about more than anything else.”

However, Marques insists that the ad’s placement during the Super Bowl is not an attempt at making a political statement.

“There’s really no correlation with anything else that’s happening in the country,” he said. “We believe this is a universal story that is very relevant today because probably more than any other period in history today the world pulls you in different directions, and it’s never been harder to stick to your guns.”

Despite Marques’s assurance that the Super Bowl ad is not about making a political statement, his company has recently played politics with its commercials.

Bud Light, another brand under the Anheuser-Busch InBev umbrella, hired and then fired left-wing actors Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, who starred in the beer brand’s “Bud Light Party” television advertisements last year.

One of the Schumer-Rogen ads enraged viewers, who slammed the Bud Light gender pay gap-themed commercial.

What’s more, Anheuser-Busch InBev, which recently cut its revenue projections for the year after reporting a consistent sales slump, invested near-record levels on its short TV spot. Budweiser ads typically cost between $2 million to $3 million to produce. Add the record $5 million average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl ad, and it’s easy to understand why the brewing company is hoping its $12 to $15 million commercial can spur growth in sales.

Budweiser’s 60-second ad will air on FOX during Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5.