MSNBC Reports That Maxine Waters Will Not Attend President Trump’s Speech

Published on Feb 28, 2017

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Austria moves to strip rejected asylum seekers of food & shelter

The Austrian government is increasing pressure on rejected asylum-seekers, introducing a draft law that would allow authorities to stop providing food and accommodation to those who refuse to leave the county.


The package of measures, yet to be approved by parliament, also includes amendments stipulating fines or prison sentences for migrants who provide false information about their identity.


“This is an important signal,” Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil said after the package had been approved at a ministers’ council meeting on Tuesday in Vienna, according to dpa news agency.

“Rejected asylum seekers will always try to re-enter Austria. The asylum system in Europe can work only with clear rules,” the minister from the Social Democratic Party said.

Asylum-seekers whose application was rejected and who can safely return to their home countries but opts to stay in Austria, would have to pay up to 15,000 euro (almost $15,900) or serve up to 18 months in prison.

The initiative also envisages setting up special return centers in the transit areas of airports where migrants could be detained in case they don’t have the necessary documents on them.

The move is aimed at encouraging migrants who failed to obtain asylum leave the country, Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka explained, adding that Austrian authorities are trying to make going back home look more attractive.

“People are to get money to build up structures in their home countries,” Sobotka said, however, not specifying the exact sum of the money.


Migrants in Austria receive so-called basic services such as free accommodation, medical treatment, food and an allowance of 40 euros ($42,41) per month. Those who decline to leave Austria should be deprived of these incentives, Sobotka said.

“The first thing is basically that they don’t get anything from the Austrian state if they don’t have the right to stay here. Is that so hard to understand?” the interior minister told reporters.

Around 2,000 of migrants who were denied asylum – but who still receive these services – may be affected if the law is passed.

Around 1,000 refugees arrive in Austria weekly, Defense Minister Doskozil said early in February, as reported by Die Welt.

Austria welcomed around 90,000 asylum-seekers in 2015, which makes up more than 1 percent of its population. Hundreds of thousands of others crossed into the country aiming to reach Germany and elsewhere.

Austria has been grappling with the migrant influx ever since and has introduced a raft of amendments to its penal code aimed at deterring migrants. The government justifies its actions by saying it seeks to protect social funds and the local labor market.

In February, Doskozil also said that the government is working on a bill that would allow Austria to send troops to other European countries to guard its borders.

Elderly veterans in pain ‘disregarded’: Facebook photos spark outrage


Photos posted on Facebook of suffering elderly veterans waiting for hours to receive care at a Veterans Administration hospital in North Carolina have triggered online outrage directed at the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Retired Marine Stephen McMenamin and his wife Hanna documented their February 24 visit to the VA hospital in Durham, North Carolina, posting to Facebook photos of older men, one lying on the floor, who had waited for hours to see a doctor while in agonizing pain.

Hanna McMenamin wrote that a nurse in the waiting room was rude and unaccommodating to the elderly patients waiting for care.

“The man bent over grabbing the chair, was yelling in pain and was borderline convulsing and almost falling out of his chair he was in so much pain,” she wrote. “No one paid him any attention until I approached a nurse to please check on him. This gentleman sat in the waiting room in extreme pain for hours upon hours with very little attention paid to him.”

The Facebook photos, in which all faces were redacted, have been shared more than 112,000 times and have 14,000 comments, with many people sharing not only their views of the photos, but their own negative experiences with VA hospitals and general medical care in the US.


The allegedly rude employee has been removed from her post in patient care pending a review, the VA center’s head told AP.

“It is an honor to serve America’s heroes and actions that do not align with our core values will not be tolerated,” Medical Center Director DeAnne Seekins said in a statement. “We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care to the Veterans we serve and being responsive to our patient’s needs. Veterans deserve nothing less.”

Vietnam veteran Jesse Lee, who told WRAL he is the man in the photo seated in the wheelchair, said he waited for hours before getting attention for phantom pains from a leg amputation.

“Somebody in real bad pain should be seen,” Lee said. “It felt like a railroad spike was going through my foot. It’s like one of the worst pains you’ve ever felt in your life.”

Hanna McMenamin wrote that the employee “completely disregarded” a very sick man who said he needed to lay down, going as far as not allowing him to sit in a recliner vacated by her husband Stephen.

“Upon being approached by the nurse (who was extremely rude to him), he told her he could not sit up and he needed to lay down,” McMenamin wrote. “She completely disregarded him and demanded he go sit in the waiting room area, leaving the recliner completely empty.”

McMenamin added that the nurse refused to offer an explanation for her behavior and “stormed off while this man was still struggling,” leading the man to lay down on the floor, as seen in one of the Facebook photos.

In a followup post on Monday, McMenamin said the medical center asked her to remove the photos from Facebook, “claiming one of the participants does not want this posted.”

She directed visitors to her Facebook page to that of Army veteran John Burk, who said the removal of the photos “will not be happening.” He also called for the firing of the employee.

“We don’t want her moved to another department, but fired,” Burk wrote Tuesday. “You are responsible for her now being you have seen what she has done, and you refuse to remove her from caring for veterans. That tells me you do not put the care of your patients above the employment of those that would violate their oaths.”


In 2015, there were 18.8 million living US veterans, according to the US Census Bureau.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has come under heavy criticism in recent years, especially by Republican officials, over care backlogs, inaccurate record-keeping, intimidation of whistleblowers, and opiate over-prescription.

Investigations of the agency during the Obama administration found that over 120,000 veterans nationwide were left waiting or never received medical care.

The backlog scandal led to the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, and probes by the FBI and the White House. The Obama administration criticized the VA for “significant and chronic system failures” and a “corrosive culture,” promising reforms.

During his campaign for president, Donald Trump promised to “clean up” the Department of Veterans Affairs. Trump later suggested during that military veterans who have struggled with mental health problems were not “strong” and “can’t handle it,” prompting swift backlash from some veterans.

Morning Mika Calls Trump Administration A Dictatorship – Twice


By Rick Wells

Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who founded the globalist Trilateral Commission and the established the potential for unrestrained power through FEMA under Jimmy Carter, who is also a Trilateral Commission globalist. She has a lot of nerve and no room to be labeling anyone a dictator, let alone the man who is going to return the government of the United States to the people. But that is what her political handlers have instructed her to do to advance their cause; Mika hears and obeys.

Mika, without Joe the RINO on this Monday morning, asked rhetorically of her fellow on-air Trump and freedom haters, “Are they trying to create a dictatorship,” as others looked on in nervous laughter. She added, “I’m not joking and I’m not angry.” After 8 years of kissing the derriere of Hussein Obama and bowing to Hillary Clinton, she has the unmitigated gall to say something like that?

The “hip intellectual black dude with the blue glasses” chimes in, a professor of black studies at Princeton named Eddie Glaude, Jr. Surely, with a career tied to racism, he’s an Obamanista who revels in his opportunity to bash the President that being a member of this cast of misfits provides him. Mika can let him bash for a while, her tongue’s getting tired.

He says that in the time he’s been on the show his mentors, Joe and Mika, have stressed the importance of democratic institutions holding in check, not the “president” as would have been the case if they were speaking in general terms, but of holding in check the autocratic tendencies of Donald Trump. Homie just called Trump a dictator after 8 years of ignoring the trampling of the Constitution by half -black Hussein. It’s not by accident that he lectures others about racism, he’s clearly an expert with it deeply ingrained into his being.

He says the fourth estate is crucial but ignores the fact that it’s largely already gone and it happened long before Trump got into politics. Mika’s dad and his associates took care of that long ago. There definitely no press freedom or objectivity in that sewer Eddie’s taken up residence in at MSNBC.

He says he’s deeply disturbed, but that goes without saying. How could a clown in blue Bozo glasses not be? He goes on to say that Priebus asking the FBI to set the record straight implies that “there’s something happening here” and he’s right. It’s a leftist witch hunt; he could call it a Presidential lynching if he prefers or can relate better to that terminology.

Brzezinski gets on her soap box once more, whining about being recognized for the fake news propagandists that they are. She follows that tirade up with nonsensical ramblings, saying, “You’ve got this press spokesperson who clearly is now describing months ago what would be a dictatorship in banning media outlets.” She gets a polite uh-hum from Bozo, maybe they understand each other. That was just drivel to the rest of us who use pronouns and articles.

It doesn’t have to make sense for her audience. Liberals will read into it whatever they like. Mika just needs to say the word dictator a few times, which was the real point behind all of her hand-wringing and sighs to being with. Plant the seeds.




Le Pen’s opponent claims “global warming” behind Muslim migration

Jamie White | – FEBRUARY 27, 2017

Europe “must get used to mass immigration” instead of resisting it, says French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.

Macron, former investment banker at Banque Rothschild and rival to Marine Le Pen in the French presidential race, shared his views at a “climate change” debate last week.

“We have entered a world of great migrations and we will have more and more of it,” Macron told the crowd. “In the coming decades we will have migrations from geopolitical conflicts that will continue to play, and we will have climate change migrations because the planet is in a state of deep imbalance.”

Macron also claimed “man-made climate change” was a “contributing factor” in the mass migrations of over a million Muslims that’s gripped Europe since 2015.

“France will not be able to stem it, and Europe will be affected immediately,” he said. “We will see a migratory phenomenon far greater than what we have seen [with migrants from] Syria.”

Macron’s comments come as no surprise given that Macron was working on an alliance with Hillary Clinton last year after hosting a private roundtable dinner in October to address how to counter the rise of populist movements worldwide.

Populist candidate Le Pen said that the media was “campaigning hysterically” for Macron much like the US mainstream media did for Hillary Clinton.

“Mr. Macron went to Germany recently to express the admiration he had for their decision to welcome 1.5 million migrants,” she added, referring to German Chancellor Angel Merkel’s open-door migrant policy.

“French people can’t put up with mass immigration anymore!” she said to cheers.

The first round of the French presidential election will take place this April, and if no candidate wins a majority then a run-off election will occur in May.

Who Is New DNC Chair Tom Perez?

Published on Feb 27, 2017

Is Tom Perez the progressive you’re looking for? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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well it’s official I’m done with the DNC I wash my hands of this madness #FuckTheDNC
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The DNC prefers to lose elections and fundraise millions from corporations instead of catering to their base
Tyler Williamson

Trump just locked down 2020
Diego 787b

Can any of the partisan democrats answer this question for me: If Ellison and Perez are so similar why was Perez recruited by Obama as a response to Ellison’s nomination?
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I feel like an idiot for having voted for Obama twice. I should have voted Green in those elections too.
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bye bye DNC. It was nice knowing you. 😉 #trump2020

If Hillary or Kaine, or some other corporate democrat wins the primary… I honestly hope Trump beats them, I would personally like 3rd party more, but I want the corporate democrats to suck a dick.