Hannity: Do not trust the alt-left propaganda media

Published on Feb 15, 2017

Liberal press launching a coordinated campaign to misinform the American people


TOTALLY CORRECT SEAN, There’s no bigger scandal than Obama sending billions of dollars to the #1 terrorist nation Iran along with 500 millions in cash and got nothing in return except laughter and spit from the Iranians. Where is the evidence of Russian hacking Hillary, she should be locked up in Guantanamo for breaking the law. I wish you would report on the Pizza Gate scandal, certainly Corrupt News Network won’t. Where is pedophile PODESTA???Make him take a lie detector test.
The Kul Project

The definition of treason is The Clinton Foundation.
Andrew S

Love your work Hannity… as always, telling it like it is, and offending the weak minded liberal rats in our country!
Brandy Pompeo

#AltLeft have taken over the #MainstreamMEDIA! THANK YOU #HANNITY FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH!
nicholas thomas

The alt left propaganda media is mad they haven’t been able to take out Trump as easily as they wanted to.
nicholas thomas

If a leak is meant to expose Hillary… Its not ok. If a leak is meant to expose Mr Trump… It’s ok.

They are so corrupt and hell bent on destroying Trump. Truly sad. We gotta pray for Trump guys. The shadow govt wants him out.
F16 Pilot 4 TRUMP

If what Flynn did is treason, what the hell would you call what Rotten Lying Hillary did?
Mickie Gant

I would believe the Enquirer before the New York Times. I assure you Clinton and Obama is behind these leaks. If this country thinks they can remove Trump from office and put Clinton we will have war. We Americans will not have a president that is behind murder, treason, pathological liar, involved with stealing children, a criminal, she is Satan.

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