Immigration: Anchor babies beware

Ken Kopelson

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!  The Constitution DOES NOT grant citizenship to illegal parents.  READ the entire Amendment!!  HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO OBTUSE and JUST QUOTE PART OF THE AMENDMENT?  The very authors of the 14th Amendment said very plainly that IT DOES NOT apply to foreigners, aliens, or children of ambassadors.  How it ever came to apply to illegal aliens is clearly a story of ignorance and people trusting their OFFICIALS!!!!  READ THE CONSTITUTION!  You MUST be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States in order to get the citizenship.  This term “subject to the jurisdiction of” has been ruled by the courts to mean total political jurisdiction.  A baby who is born to illegals is subject to the jurisdiction of its parents, and the parents are subject to the jurisdiction of their native country…e.g. Mexico.  This is not debatable.  It is plain as day within the law.

When they get here, each one has 5 children. 20 million times   5, in 20 years this will be a zoo When I close the door of my house I close not because I care about the people  outside I close because I care about the people who are inside.
Yolanda Jenkins

That’s Bullshit….They come here Undocumented and get assistance…some have the nerve to go to college….bottom line…it’s NOT right for the people that comes here legally….!!

Mexico immigration laws are tuff to other immigrants. Why the Mexican people Do not fix their country? If they love their country like many of them claim, why they keep taking advantage of USA?
Omniscient 1

I live in Texas. We have had ENOUGH of this. Obama is a fucking traitor. We are more than happy to have LEGAL immigrants from Mexico. They are by and large hard working and lovely people but unfortunately we are being overrun by ILLEGAL immigrants. This has been encouraged by our illegal alien president. Illegal aliens DO NOT have a right to gain the reward of citizenship for their offspring by doing something UNlawful. Why is that even a question? Anchor babies are NOT citizens. Throw the illegal immigrants out, throw the anchor babies out, build a wall, protect our borders and force our sell out politicians on on both sides to LISTEN to the will of We the People.

steve var

Fuckin wetbacks should be shot the very second they reached american soil. Illegal means ILLEGAL!!!!! Just because a fuckin roach succeeded in entering your home and had baby roaches, are you gonna the mother fuckers to stay????? Get your fuckin head out of your asses people, geeeez.

I hate when these mexicans call white people who speak against illigal activities Racist; well im not a white and I dont support illegal alliens and anchor babies. Fuck that!

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