Michael Savage on illegal immigrant anchor babies

nino hernandez

I am a product of imigration and drug/human trafficing to the u.s. and for one am disgusted what my people are doing to this country I’m tired of hearing mexico or mexicans are better than everyone else if that is true then stay in your country and fix your problems instead of running away and bring more problems to the u.s
Tree of Life

Illegal, baby dropping ‘dwellers’ are ruining your country. They are disgusting, criminally minded people with no respect for you.
Keith McCarver

DEPORT these illegals and their nasty anchor babies!!!
Robert West

Mike  Mcorky

From California. Stop the flood!!!!!!

Two words “land mines” !

they need to deport the parents and the kids in mass numbers the 14th was written for slaves not illegals and illegals are here practicing racism against black people . they bringing drugs they bringing crime they are racist against blacks and they rape at the tip of a hat ..

to resolved this overbearing immigration of only thousands of Latinos coming in USA , Land mines…

Land mines is what many countries put by the borders to keep people out, and it works…. But leaders in the U.S., like Obama want them to come in. It is not that they can’t secure the border…they just don’t want to. Trump will if elected.

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