Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Rhodes Responsible For Trump Leaks – Lt Col Tony Shaffer

By Rick Wells

Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer is clear in pointing the finger of blame directly at who he sees as being responsible for the leaks that are plaguing the Trump White House and which were used to construct a narrative that eventually resulted in the removal General Michael Flynn.

He’s asked in a Tuesday interview on the Fox Business Channel about the leaks of information regarding phone calls the President had with the leaders of Australian and Mexico and the variety of Russian hacking and meddling allegations, “Are leaks by Obama officials the problem?”

Shaffer answers immediately, “Absolutely, and I put this right at the feet of John Brennan and Jim Clapper. And I would even go so far as to say the White House was directly involved before they left. I’d put this in the forum of Ben Rhodes and those folks. Let’s be clear on this. I’ve watched this very carefully, the coverage.

Shaffer says, “And when you have NBC reporting that they’ve talked to six officials who have seen the transcript, someone is basically giving away both sensitive methods, the fact that they read a communication that was intercepted by sensitive methods. And more importantly, they’re saying that they saw this information which was beyond top secret, which tells me that clearly, someone had to have access to that and that is a key issue. Who leaked that information?”

Shaffer notes, “The implication made by these officials to NBC and these other outlets was that there was something sinister in it, which, I agree with Sean Spicer. I don’t believe for a minute that there was anything in there that was illegal. Mike Flynn is a pretty smart guy. He knows his phone calls are probably going to be intercepted or reviewed at some point. I’m sure he talked about sanctions but not in the way that it was portrayed by the left.”

Col Shaffer says the bottom line is that the White House will have to find out what Mike Flynn did or did not say. Let’s remember that this is an issue, apparently, between the Vice President and Mike Flynn. And let’s remember that when a White House is settling in you’re going to have a lot of personality conflicts pop up. Maybe there’s something here we’re missing on that.”

Shaffer points out that during the period in question, General Flynn was calling all of the leaders he was going to have to be dealing with. He says he doesn’t believe for a minute this was a Logan Act violation. This was one thing that was said, “Hey, when we roll in, when we’re in charge, this will all be revisited. That’s it and he has that right to say that.”

He’s asked if he would support an independent probe into General Flynn and the leaks, to which Shaffer replies, “Oh yeah. Oh yeah, because the fingers that they are going to be finding are pointing back at the former White House and some Democrats. The Democrats have been behind this and I would go so far to say some of the Republicans have also been involved in some of the leaks, so bring it on. I think it’s a good idea and I think, like we saw in the Detroit recount, when they were recounting Michigan’s votes, turned out to be voter fraud in all of these Democrat precincts. I think it’s what we’re going to find here, so go right ahead.”


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