“Let me show you what’s gon’ happen!”

| – FEBRUARY 16, 2017

Shocking video has emerged of a thug pulling an assault rifle on a Trump supporter because he had a “Make America Great Again” flag attached to his truck.

The video was originally uploaded by someone called ‘Neal YsdalHothead Norles’ on Facebook but the clip has now been removed.

“Hey boy you voted for Trump?” shouts the thug.

“Yes, I did vote for Trump,” responds the man.

“Oh yeah, that’s how you feel?” shouts the thug. “That’s how you feel huh? Deport all of us huh? You want us deported back over there or somethin’?!”

“No,” the man responds.

“We don’t like that shit! We don’t like that shit! You gotta take that shit off your truck bro!” shouts the thug.

The thug then gets offended at the man for saying “shit,” before the Trump supporter says, “If you try to touch my shit you gon’ see what happens!”

At this point, the thug retrieves an assault rifle from his car and says, “Man, let me show you what’s gon’ happen. Ain’t nothin’ gon’ happen! Watch! I’ma show this nigga ain’t nothin’ gon’ happen!”

The thug appears to walk towards the truck and begin removing the flag. The video abruptly stops and it is not known how the confrontation ended.

While leftists have staged numerous fake hate crime hoaxes that were blamed on Trump supporters, the innumerable violent physical assaults on Trump voters continue to be ignored by the mainstream media.

Herp Derp

He’ll be on the news once police catch up to him… another dead black idiot being hailed as a “good kid” by liberal media, and BLM will probably march in his honor.
michael dodge

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Joe Dady

niggers like him should be deported to the middle east or north korea.
Buckshot Sancho

That idiot wannabe thug is gonna get perforated by a CCW holder practicing judicial marksmanship
Ross G

LMAO!!!! Another punk ass uneducated waste of skin. I would have shoved that gun up his ass.
Eze Enwereuzor

The attack of low IQ dindus.
BeginningAndLast 7

Crack head with no education. Antisocial moron who needs to be locked up.
John Carrascal

He’ll be dead soon don’t worry.


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