Result bolsters claim that Trump lost popular vote due to fraud

By Clifford Cunningham

A little-known survey of Hispanics in the U.S. revealed as many as two million non-citizens are illegally registered to vote, bolstering claims by Donald Trump that voter fraud cost him the popular vote, especially as Hispanics only count as a portion of the total illegal alien population.

The National Hispanic Survey, conducted by the internationally-recognized survey research firm McLaughlin and Associates in June 2013, was designed to gauge the opinion of Hispanic residents on a variety of political issues.

Inside the poll, which used a random sampling of 800 Hispanics, a voter profile indicated that 56 percent (448) of those sampled were non-citizens; the category of non-citizens likely included a mix of visa holders, permanent residents and illegal immigrants.

Of those 448 non-citizens, 13 percent said they were registered to vote.

Based on the poll’s margin of error, the number of illegally registered non-citizen Hispanics could range from 1 million to 2.1 million.

James Agresti, director of the non-profit research firm “Just Facts,” used 2013 Census data to calculate that 13 percent of the population of non-citizen Hispanics in the U.S. at the time of the survey (11.8 million) amounted to 1.5 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote.

“Contrary to the claims of many media outlets and so-called fact checkers, this nationally representative scientific poll confirms that a sizable number of non-citizens in the U.S. are registered to vote,” Agresti said.

The result of the National Hispanic Survey bolsters another report on the number of non-citizens illegally registered to vote conducted by two professors from Old Dominion University, and one professor from George Mason University, in 2014.

Relying on data from the biennial Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES), based at Harvard University with polling conducted by YouGov, the three professors calculated that 6.4 percent (1.2 million) of the non-citizen population (19 million) voted in the 2008 election, with the overwhelming majority (81 percent) going to Obama.

President Donald Trump has regularly suggested his loss of the popular vote was due to the sizable amount of voter fraud in the United States.

“The White House has provided enormous evidence with respect to voter fraud, with respect to people being registered in more than one state, dead people voting, non-citizens being registered to vote,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer said. “And as a country, we should be aghast about the fact that we have people who have no right to vote in this country, registered to vote, canceling out the franchise of lawful citizens of this country.”


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