1. I do not believe this “says it all”. It ignores the ” who, what and why” that is behind the curtain which would be that wall portrayed in the cartoon. Understand people, you are living under mosaic talmudic law that is systematically being implemented in this country. It has been signed into legislation over the course of several administrations and finalized by bush jr. All of this is documented for all to see if you would just look at it. They are not telling you this though. By way of deciet and stealth they are manipulating the public to believe it is sharia taking over this country. Well, yes it is but talmudic law and wahhabist sharia are one and same.The deception provides support from gullible american public to further the agenda of rabbinical judaism in its total takeover of your country and the world(global zionist talmudic government). You are being played like a violin. Please study this subject (noachide law) at “Come and hear. com” if you can find a link that works anymore. Search until you do , it will be well worth the time. Peace to all here fighting the good fight. If you want to win it though you must fight the enemy already here that has infiltrated and taken over your system.

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