‘Blame Russia’ Trend: Russians hacked US election? Nope! They hacked the WORLD

Published on Feb 18, 2017

It looks like the trend of putting the blame on Russia without proof is spreading further afield with other countries following America’s example and accusing Moscow of widespread hacking.

The Young Turds

Russia hacked my brain with vodka last night !
Bear Ted E.

Wrong. Putin hacked the whole Universe only using his pocket calculator, confirmed by CNN.
English Patriot

Russian hacking is total rubbish NO CREDIBLE PROOF has been presented.

Putin hacked my toaster and burnt my toast. The American people know that Putin had nothing to do with hacking the Dems or the so called elections.
- BnQE -

Oh this is becoming such a Bore.
td603 td603

SNOWDEN PROVIDED PROOF that America was hacking / spying. Heresay FBI evidence doesn’t qualify! America the Masters of Deception.
Harry Freeloader

I bet Putin is laughing his ass off in the Kremlin at all this unverified crybaby propaganda coming from the West. I am.

we re not buying the hackusations comrades 😉 greetings from Netherlands

Brad 76

“Blame Russia” is a tool used by the liberals and globalists to stifle free speech. If you don’t go along with their philosophies then you are:

One thought on “‘Blame Russia’ Trend: Russians hacked US election? Nope! They hacked the WORLD

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    If everything that everyone claims would be true about Russia then Russia is the most advanced country in the world in the tech field being able to hack into any thing any time any place. I really don’t think its the case.

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