Muslim washes his Butt In Public! Filthy and Disgusting!



he even drinks with his washing hand!

Disgusting & he washes face after ass, then drinks from same hand he washed his ass with. Hell no we don’t want them in the USA. UNCIVILIZED
teresa robbins

This is one of the most disgusting and outright rude things I have ever seen in my life. And he used the same hand to wash his face after scrubbing his butt with. No soap on the hand in between butt scrubbing and face scrubbing, either.
Tom Al

Average I.Q. in Arabic countries (2016) = 79, Mexico = 82. Should be a minimum intelligence/social standardization requirement imposed, B4 allowed 2 immigrate 2 1st. world.
Dragon 67

Fuckin disgusting. They fuckin squat on public toilets leaving shit everywhere. Literally made me feel sick watching this. Pigs are cleaner.
Kayak Survivor

Wait a minute… Wait just one minute! He not washing his butt he’s seasoning his hand for drinking water! Duh jeesh people don’t ya know anything?

Animals have more sense and common courtesy than these people.
andrew shepherd

That’s why they need the burqa, they are fucking animals. In the west we raise our young men to respect women, so they do not have to dress modestly so they aren’t tempting the men to rape them. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch halal slaughter videos, it’s been reported that the toxins that build up in the blood and meat of the slaughtered animals, especially those who are the last to have their throat slit and watch the rest of the herd/flock get killed, and while they bleed out, taking minutes to die, has been found to have serious neurological ramifications. Add this to the fact these morons mainly marry their first cousins for generation after generation, it is no wonder they are so fucking retarded.

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