*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Sharia law In Europe Where is Outrage Over Sharia Law and Women by Adriana Cohen

Elk Lord

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was when he changed his name to Allah.
Diane Sagan

Muslim men should have their penises removed. will solve refugee rape problem.
john lockett

No women in her right mind would want Sharia law. I can not believe that women are protesting to get Shari passed in the UK and else where. They have lost their minds. And for you English women, who are thinking about converting to Sharia, know this ! they cut the entire vagina of little girls in Africa, clitoris and all, so they wont grow up to be promiscuous. They want to make this procedure mandatory for all Muslim girls. SO YOU HAD BETTER WAKE UP REAL FAST TO WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON CONCERNING THESE (SOB) because you ladies have got allot to lose.
Leonard Miller

sharia is Poison to all people but mainly to women female circumcision is also WRONG in every way all married women are entitled to enjoy sex just like married men are get rid of sharia before it burns you

Islam is a murderous fascist supremacist ideology akin to Nazism. Islam must be denounced. It must be stopped at all costs. 4 Stages of Islamic Invasion: UNDERSTAND THEM. STAGE 1: INFILTRATION (STEALTH JIHAD)
Ralph Esposito

The Europeans are so stupid that they have bought the idea of inclusiveness so much that each country no longer has its true identity.
Website guy

They are a disease.I warn you before its to late kick them out or you will live in a shit hole.

2 thoughts on “*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Sharia law In Europe Where is Outrage Over Sharia Law and Women by Adriana Cohen

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    If you have Muslims you have Sharia Law and if you have Sharia Law you have the Muslim principles the the only purpose of a Muslim women is to service her man any time he wants her and is she disobeys him in the slightest then he must beat her. The Muslim woman has no rights and they are beaten raped and sold into slavery even today the Sharia Law demands this.

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