Gay Liberal Freaks Out When Touched by Female CNN Panelist

“Don’t touch me!” proclaimed Charles Blow after fellow CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany lightly touched him on the arm during a discussion. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


Black privilege on display here.
Chauncy Gilmore

female ,white , conservative triple nasty for a gay black libtard .
Dr Zempf

dragon lancer——-Says the beta faggot who voted for Nasty Hillary and her “vast right wing conspiracy” paranoia. LOLZ
Crouching Soldier

He basically just told her to fall off the ledge and die. Racist misogynist sodomite.
Aaron Williams

“How dare you touch me! You can go fall off a ledge! But peace and love and stuff! Except trump, he can die!” Liberals don’t work bc it’s a full time job to have to keep up with all of the nonsense they spew.
Chris Nickle

if the peice of shit can’t handle a nice peaceful debate with a calmly gentle touch from a lil lady being nice his ass is not eligible for these type of discussion on TV. what a jack ass

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