Tucker Carlson; Islam Being Taught in Public Schools, Jesus is Denied!

Published on Feb 21, 2017

It’s starting to sweep the Country. People are NOT paying attention and the so-called Church is going along because they are NOT True Christians! When you Indoctrinate the Children, you can take over a Nation.

Telling the truth has always been dangerous. Throughout recorded history, many good people have been murdered, incarcerated, committed to mental institutions, lost jobs, family, friends, homes, belongings, and been harassed to the point of staying quiet.

e.g. Jhon e.g. Smith

the 5 pillars of Islam are as follows.
1. murder
2. rape 3. oppression
4. intolerance
5. victim hood
please forgive me if I may have gotten one or two wrong. this very story is why AMERICA must WAKE UP and smell what the Muslims and the politicians who are pro islam are trying to do to our children. thank God my children are all older, however even when they were in school I always made sure they knew the truth. I showed my children the real American and world history. like there were black slave owners and white slaves, something they DO NOT teach in school. things like this that some would say are small issues, which they are as big of an issue as teaching your child respect. my advice to all parents is and always will be, is make sure YOU teach your child the truth. I don’t care if we’re talking God, history or science matters not what the subject is, as long as your child knows the truth not the schools indoctrination BS. I believe me doing this is why my millennial children are not anything like the brain washed people you see protesting America. my children like myself are pro America 100%, I am extremely proud of my children. another thing is me teaching my kids the truth I forced them to think for themselves.
Abdul Manan

I am not Westerners nor Whites but I believe this condition is attacking the West How to destroy a nation:
Phase 1: – Sexual revolution, – More and more women in the workforce, – Legalise divorce on demand, – Annihilate traditional family structures, – Take men out the equation and replace them with big government. – Encourage values that see child bearing as a burden, – Legalise Gay ‘marriage’, – Say ‘gender’ is a social construct, – Promote multiculturalism, – Celebrate and promote all non-Western cultures – Spread white-guilt – make white people feel guilty for being proud of their nation. – Create a supranational structure which prohibits national citizens from making their own laws in their own parliaments – ALL HAIL EUROPEAN UNION! – Label those who oppose the transformation as Nazi’s – cower them into silence. – The most important part of phase one – teach all the above to children in state schools as early as possible.
Phase 2: – Import millions of Muslims and 3rd worlders to replace the population and radically change the culture. – Watch the cultural enrichment begin. – The cultural conflict will be too great to not see an increase in ethnic and political violence.
Phase 3: – Say we need a new global regime to put an end to the violence (that they have created) –
present it in the name of “solidarity” and “unity”. – The strife becomes too much to bare, and the people reluctantly accept to give all national sovereignty to their new lords. – NWO – destrucction complete.
Lots To Learn

Homeschool in 2017 & beyond because schools just brainwash children to hate their own countries.
Darth Vader

How about ban Islam. Islam is not a religion.

And i say—> Back to HELL DAMN ALLAH!! You do not belong in American schools. This ideology belongs in the middle east- It has no place in America.They better not try this in my state and children school they will loose MAJOR FUNDING!
Pat S.

People be alert for your children !!
Wizard of Aus

Any religion that comes from the Middle East should be eradicated

2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson; Islam Being Taught in Public Schools, Jesus is Denied!

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    The teaching of Islam in public and private schools is done in part because the text books are printed in Islamic countries and must therefore be in compliance with Sharia law. And US Teach that Teaches anything about Islam is a disgrace to her race her gender and her country.

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