“I think that Donald Trump has already done a number of things which legitimately raise the question of impeachment”.

Chuck Ross | Daily CallerFEBRUARY 23, 2017

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, a top candidate to take over as chair of the Democratic National Committee, called Wednesday for an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump.

“I think that Donald Trump has already done a number of things which legitimately raise the question of impeachment,” Ellison said during a debate on CNN on Wednesday with his fellow DNC chair hopefuls.

The left-wing Ellison, who is one of the top contenders for DNC chair, argued that Trump was in violation of the emoluments clause, a constitutional clause which prohibits presidents from receiving payment from foreign governments. Some Trump opponents have claimed that the Republican is in violation of the federal law because Trump hotels have received payment from foreign dignitaries.

Ellison joins a small group of Democratic lawmakers who have said impeaching Trump is on the table. California Rep. Maxine Waters, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin and Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro have all said the Republican should be impeached. Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, has pushed back on the idea.

“I think that we need to begin investigations, to not go after Donald Trump, but to protect our Constitution and the presidency of the United States so that nobody can monetize the presidency and profit off of it for their own gain,” said Ellison.

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Go away Jihadist we don’t need another terrorist running things !!
Simon Percival

Remember, the Constitution is crucially important….when we’re not in power…said almost every Democrat ever.
toddjon stevenson

You mean like Hillary getting a quarter of her campaign donations from Saudi Arabia?😎 The Hypocrity is endless….. but Trump is innocent… Hitlery? Fuck off

LOL the democrats are using the same strategy that lost them the election. What dumb asses!!
Deep Space

Folks – if you have cable & can’t choose what individual channels you pay for; you are funding Crap Nonsense Nuttery like THIS, even if you KNOW it’s Crap Nonsense Nuttery. Do what I did 12 years ago. Cancel your cable NOW & download what you REALLY want to watch for FREE on bittorrent. Defund the Deep State globalist terrorist propaganda TODAY! Oh & BTW, fuck you #CIA! Suck my totally Conscious & Awakened Dick!
James Sanchez

Some contact the authorities, the insane asylum loons have escaped and their on CNN!
remi sansfamille

Let him win…plz lord let this clown win!


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