Leftist Fascists: Turn in Students for ‘Offensive Speech!’ [Tucker Carlson]

Published on Feb 22, 2017

orwellian ‘bias response teams’ are coming to a school near you! you must think what we want you to think!

Richard Gantenbein

Guided Meditation

Liberals are becoming more and more like Nazis than anyone could have Imagined. People have an infinite variety of viewpoints. It is one thing to report threats of physical violence or illegal activity but reporting people when you don’t like their viewpoint is going too far.
Gordon Bennett

Communism in action.
Cheeky Bullfighter

So, insecure little snowflakes are basically hall monitors waiting to snitch on any average person just because they heard something they didn’t like, then language police can come and possibly suspend the average person simply for exercising the first amendment? What the fuck went wrong in this country?
Donald Wood

Free speech wasn’t and isn’t free. I had buddies die for that freedom. These liberals who are trying to do away with it obviously haven’t paid a dime for this basic freedom.

So…who are the “fascists” again? Who is like Hitler? This is the scariest type of hypocrisy we can imagine.
Sate Anne

I’m sure the bias response team wouldn’t find “Fuck white people” an offensive statement. Or “Kill Trump” either. Fuck off leftists, you are ruining everything.
The Anthropologist M

this is the epitome of cultural Marxist indoctrination, employing the tactics of Marx “accuse our enemies of the things we do”. They call everyone they disagree with facists and Nazis, yet are the ones using the tactics like the Communists, Nazis and dictatorial regimes…. report your parents, friends, family, etc who are against the will of the thought police.
Joe Piervincenti

As a senior citizen student auditing courses at USF Tampa I vocalized about campus activities, events, and policies. I was snubbed, ignored, ostracized, and scrutinized by university police regularly. These were intimidating to me but I persisted and maintained my position in these matters. Of course no one ever challenged me directl, they were cowardly in that regard, just indirect harassment and the cold shoulder treatment.
Ralph McMahan

wake me up when the book burning begin, I need a couple days to get the hell out of dodge

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