RUSH: This Is Why Trump Refers To CNN As ‘FAKE NEWS’

Published on Feb 24, 2017

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Willam Russo

CNN=very fake news.
Jay Velcamp

I fear you Americans are headed for a shooting war. Socialists and Communists never give up power peacefully. It’s going to get worse, and I can’t imagine conservative and moderate Americans giving up their huge win on election day without a fight.
Juiceboxx TM

If MSM does not stop trying to undermine Mr Trump and his presidency they will not be around in 2 years. The American people have spoken this is who they want as there president.
Mike S

LaRee Weatherman

This sickens me!! If it were Obama or sick old hag Hillary in the WH the news headline would be EXACTLY what Rush just said! I HATE THE MSM AND DEMOCRATS, SCUM OF THE EARTH!

I thought Rush knew better than this. The story is whatever the media makes it. The story is almost always something other than the truth.
David House

MSM should be held accountable for all their lies.  Someone needs to create a web site that exposes their everyday lies, everday!  Too bad Libel Laws can’t be used against them!

Everybody knows the news they put out is fake news except the fake news, The people know that what they report is false and yet they continue to try and push there crap down our throats we are tired of them either tell the truth or shut the hell up…..Keep up the great work Mr. Trump….
jay cam

Headline should be scum bag McCain dirty little rat

2 thoughts on “RUSH: This Is Why Trump Refers To CNN As ‘FAKE NEWS’

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