Witches Conducting Satanic Ritual to Stop Trump Using “Magic Spell”

Published on Feb 24, 2017

Witches across the country conduct a “Mass Spell to Bind Donald Trump” in order to stop him. The Occult ceremony scheduled to take place at Midnight February 24th 2017. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Pat Nick

If there was ever any doubt, it’s now confirmed — the country isn’t divided between conservatives and liberals, this is a fight between good and evil.
S.A.D.Senior Prepper

OK Pres.Trump.Take away their brooms.
John Xavier

My President has the thickest skin ever. He is a true leader in the face of death threats and all the media hate against him. God bless him and keep him safe. These leftist loons are truly a scary bunch!
Nicole Corrigeux

John Xavier the leftist libtards are not scary, but quite entertaining cowards who 70% have no jobs and can’t get sex, which is why it explains the white knight, beta, manginas for the males, and the crazy feminazi cunts for the females.
Robert O.

Witchcraft is real and it is of Satan, but they don’t understand that a more powerful force is protecting Trump.
Mike F

Witches? Sounds more like a bunch of CRAZY BITCHES! Dungeons and Dragons anyone?
Eva Hanzelik

Mentally ill people!

2 thoughts on “Witches Conducting Satanic Ritual to Stop Trump Using “Magic Spell”

    • Which God would that be? Because, as a polytheist I know there are many. YvwH is *not* the only God out there by a long shot. But at any rate these witches are stupid, undisciplined twats – both men and women – because they don’t understand the first thing about magic, or about Wicca.

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