CNN Banned from White House Press Briefing

Published on Feb 25, 2017

CNN was not allowed at Fridays White House Press gaggle, a type of press briefing but less formal, which was held in Sean Spicer’s office. This on the same day President Trump called out the Fake News at CPAC. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Ivan Agyeyev

buzz feed shouldn’t be invited anywhere
Hard Work Dedication

cnn out. infowars in
EVP Kiernan

Obama banned Fox News from every closed door meeting with the Press, and NEVER let Breitbart or any Right of Center web-site anywhere near the White House. So DNC Media Complex , Fuck You
Kenneth Anderson

Ok CNN, you can start circling the drain now
Fat Adapted Athlete

Obama did the same thing on multiple occasions excluding conservative news outlets, so again it’s fake news when they say it’s “never happened”.

The news was fake when Obama was in office too, but the fake news said only good things about Obama, and now they are just saying bad things about Trump, typical MSM .
Mista Bigglesworth

These people are incredible. They think they should get to constantly lie about Trump then are surprised when they’re not invited to events.

Trump is awesome. Best president in the world right now.
Truth Hurtz

Kick them out of the daily briefings as well !!

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