Hey CNN, Obama banned fox news in 2009. He said its not real news.

Published on Feb 25, 2017

tall muter

Excellent FIND Trump Mafia! And HOW many times has Obama had his PRIVATE meetings with only HIS SELECT MEDIA outlets??? Give us a break!

LOL!!!! 2:08 Was that Olbermann criticizing Glen Beck for pandering Red Scare tactics with Russia? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Barbie Stephens

See, I kept saying Obama was very vocal about his feud with Fox!! Thanks for digging out this video! They act like Trump is/ was the only President who reacted like Trump is!! Trump has no problem with free press, its the unfair and fake press that he’s against! Like he said at CPAC, if what their saying and printing is the truth, he has no problem! Its the speculation, the ” may haves” and ” might” and other words that are pure spin and outright lies!! Such as Trump saying immigrants vs Trump actually saying ILLEGAL immigrants!! That’s just one example!! Also Trump is not against ” actual” news, rather clearly says ” fake news”!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!

Another weapon for our Arsenal.
Dr Iggy shinbone

The hypocrisy of the main stream media is one of the reasons it has now a reputation for being fake.
Christopher Fiorentino

ain’t facts a bitch..lol
Dan Mills

oops! There it is, folks. Obama did the same thing that the White House is doing now; the banning of Fox the deportation of illegals but NOW there is outrage?!

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