*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Mayor To Parents: Have Children Avoid Migrants and they’ll not Get Hurt!

At this point nothing shocks me! This video is not new, however, it is just as compelling now as it was the night the Mayor of this German Town told this people; Your Kids Do Not Matter, They need to Avoid the Migrants!

Telling the truth has always been dangerous. Throughout recorded history, many good people have been murdered, incarcerated, committed to mental institutions, lost jobs, family, friends, homes, belongings, and been harassed to the point of staying quiet.


This problem started decades ago, in Germany but now the numbers of “Refugees” are staggering!! I know this because I lived in Germany for nearly 10 years. Germany will reach a boiling point and the Germans will respond, in a violent way.

Cali Girl

That bitch Merkle is destroying Europe! When she placed her order for refugees she requested men to come rape the German women?! Those filthy criminal cowards are NOT men or they would stay and fight for their country! Merkle should be hung in the town square! You’d better wake up citizens of Germany and vote that crazy bitch out!


Unbelievable!! Remember Germany in your prayers!!

Squirrel Viscious

The same shit is happening all over the world. Any where that these immigrants from Islamic countries go, the crime goes up and we are supposed to welcome them!

Anne H

As much as people speak out and are appalled, what we need (I’m Swedish) is a politician with a back bone and balls. Unfortunately you run a higher risk at seeing a unicorn than that happening. People will start to revolt, and it’s already starting. We as Europeans have been lied to too maybe times and far to long. We’ve had enough of the “talks” and need action.


What a chicken shit piece of a excuse for a mayor, Has the whole world lost their balls, when the elected people and police won’t protect you or your kids then you have but one choice.

e.g. Jhon e.g. Smith

how sickening is this, how long do they expect people to let this trash keep raping and beating their women and children before they start killing the Islamic insurgents. let us be frank, no real man will allow his family and home be used and abused and pay for the whole mess to boot before he starts taken these animals out. in no way would I sit by and allow these animals sexually assault my wife and daughter or beat me and my boys, I would show these worthless animals the way to their maker, lay them down for a dirt nap however you want to put it. Americans don’t kid yourself these very animals are here in America today. it’s not IF but WHEN these Islamic insurgents start coming after our women and children, what are you going to do? welcome more to our country, give excuses for this trash, help them however you can or you going to resist them? this is the question we as Americans have to start asking ourselves. I know what I will do, but do you?

James K Wright

surely by now the people smell something fishy with Merkels plan. why isn’t there more opposition?

Lean Mean

I think it’s time to organize a hunting party

3 thoughts on “*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Mayor To Parents: Have Children Avoid Migrants and they’ll not Get Hurt!

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    I can only think of one reason that a whole lot of single young men would be sent to another country and that is, become they are all Muslin, To take over the country by marrying up to four woman and along the rape as many as they can. The point to this is to stop the men in the target country from having babies and making sure that as many of the women they only have babies from the Muslim men, With this policy they can become the majority in a country in only a few generations.

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