*(FROM Drug addicts drunks and sexual deviants. Hollywood.) – Jimmy Kimmel Trashes Trump at Oscars 2017

Published on Feb 26, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel called Donald Trump a racist in his opening monologue at the 2017 Oscars, and continued to blame him for the entire world not liking America now. He then called for unity by encouraging liberals and conservatives to talk with each other. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Not Applicable

Drug addicts drunks and sexual deviants. Hollywood.

These DISGUSTING excuses for humans make me sick, they HYPOCRISY is beyond the pale. Where the FUCK were these sold out WHORES when Obama was BOMBING INNOCENT CHILDREN EVERY DAY FOR EIGHT YEARS?? Fucking pigs. I will NEVER watch another hollyweird move every again for the rest of my life!
The Lepherds

They’re so stubborn that they just can’t let it go. Nobody with a half a brain would waste their time watching these morons sit around all night giving each other rewards anyway. Stop feeding them and they’ll stop coming back. They all look pretty worn out already.

If the World doesn’t like America it is because of Progressive Liberal Scumbags like Kimmel.
r .ra

tax Hollywood 10% for charity purposes and see their reaction 😊
Sylvester Chint

Now this is getting really tired and sick of these liberal idiots. Can’t these A holes just shut up.
Anubis Thanos

is it just me or does Jimmy Kimmel look like absolute hell. his eyes are puffy and bloodshot like he cries himself to sleep every night after drinking a handle of liquor and his face overall looks swollen.

Jimmy Kimmel go and fuck yourself twice you and idiot friends in hollyweird !!!!!!!!!!

Do all the Hollywood simian buffoons forget that this dick is a die hard misogynist? Remember his show with Adam where large breasted women jumped on a trampoline? Now the scumbag satan worshipers give him a pass because he takes a swipe at our President. Anything to impress the dark lord.

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