Feds grill NYC Mayor de Blasio for FOUR HOURS over whether he gave his donors special favors


By Pamela Geller

I warned about de Blasio while he was running for mayor. Now add suspicion of corruption to his hard-left agitation. This man must not be reelected. If he is, it could be disaster for New York City, and that would be disaster for the nation at large.

“Mayor de Blasio says talk with U.S. attorney went ‘fine’ in first comments since questioning,” by Erin Durkin, New York Daily News, February 27, 2017:

Mayor de Blasio said he told federal investigators “everything I know” about probes into his fundraising during a questioning session Friday and believes the meeting went “fine.”

“My goal was to be open and transparent and communicative and to be cooperative. And I think it’s quite clear a four-hour interview is a good faith effort to try to provide information,” de Blasio said in his first comments since being grilled by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office. “I believe when all the facts are looked at, it will be quite clear that we’ve handled things appropriately.”

The mayor met for four hours at his Midtown attorney’s office with investigators who are looking into whether donors to his campaigns and his now-defunct non-profit, the Campaign for One New York, got special favors in return.

“I was happy to go in and recount the facts. It was fine,” de Blasio said Monday night in his weekly appearance on NY1’s Road to City Hall. “We’ve done everything legally. We’ve held ourselves to high ethical standards. And I was very comfortable going over everything I knew.”

Feds probe possible de Blasio role in re-opening troubled school

Probers have zeroed in on de Blasio’s relationship with several donors, including Broadway Stages owner Gina Argento – whose husband told the Daily News she gave after de Blasio asked her to because she feared having her film permits quashed if she refused.

De Blasio dismissed his claims as “conspiratorial.”

“I would never pressure someone. I never have pressured anybody. I don’t think that’s appropriate. We can’t account for people’s feelings,” he told NY1. “People are saying whatever they’re saying for their own reasons. We have never, I have never, nor anyone else on my team has every pressured anyone. That’s ridiculous.”

Argento’s husband John Ciafone told The News de Blasio’s associates never made a threat, but didn’t have to because she knew how much sway his administration had over the fate of her business, which relies on the city issued filming permits.

“There was never a threat or anything, but if your boss says you gotta do it, you gotta play ball,” he said.

De Blasio said those comments are “news to me” and “doesn’t make sense from everything I’ve known of” Argento. “The problem with a lot of the coverage is it conflates everything and suggests that there’s something wrong with asking someone to support your campaign when you’re running for office. I just don’t think that’s right. That’s not what our law says,” he said.

In another case, investigators are looking into whether de Blasio intervened to get a vacate order lifted on a Brooklyn school building to aid Rabbi Moishe Indig, who raised money for him….

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