Morning Mika Calls Trump Administration A Dictatorship – Twice


By Rick Wells

Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who founded the globalist Trilateral Commission and the established the potential for unrestrained power through FEMA under Jimmy Carter, who is also a Trilateral Commission globalist. She has a lot of nerve and no room to be labeling anyone a dictator, let alone the man who is going to return the government of the United States to the people. But that is what her political handlers have instructed her to do to advance their cause; Mika hears and obeys.

Mika, without Joe the RINO on this Monday morning, asked rhetorically of her fellow on-air Trump and freedom haters, “Are they trying to create a dictatorship,” as others looked on in nervous laughter. She added, “I’m not joking and I’m not angry.” After 8 years of kissing the derriere of Hussein Obama and bowing to Hillary Clinton, she has the unmitigated gall to say something like that?

The “hip intellectual black dude with the blue glasses” chimes in, a professor of black studies at Princeton named Eddie Glaude, Jr. Surely, with a career tied to racism, he’s an Obamanista who revels in his opportunity to bash the President that being a member of this cast of misfits provides him. Mika can let him bash for a while, her tongue’s getting tired.

He says that in the time he’s been on the show his mentors, Joe and Mika, have stressed the importance of democratic institutions holding in check, not the “president” as would have been the case if they were speaking in general terms, but of holding in check the autocratic tendencies of Donald Trump. Homie just called Trump a dictator after 8 years of ignoring the trampling of the Constitution by half -black Hussein. It’s not by accident that he lectures others about racism, he’s clearly an expert with it deeply ingrained into his being.

He says the fourth estate is crucial but ignores the fact that it’s largely already gone and it happened long before Trump got into politics. Mika’s dad and his associates took care of that long ago. There definitely no press freedom or objectivity in that sewer Eddie’s taken up residence in at MSNBC.

He says he’s deeply disturbed, but that goes without saying. How could a clown in blue Bozo glasses not be? He goes on to say that Priebus asking the FBI to set the record straight implies that “there’s something happening here” and he’s right. It’s a leftist witch hunt; he could call it a Presidential lynching if he prefers or can relate better to that terminology.

Brzezinski gets on her soap box once more, whining about being recognized for the fake news propagandists that they are. She follows that tirade up with nonsensical ramblings, saying, “You’ve got this press spokesperson who clearly is now describing months ago what would be a dictatorship in banning media outlets.” She gets a polite uh-hum from Bozo, maybe they understand each other. That was just drivel to the rest of us who use pronouns and articles.

It doesn’t have to make sense for her audience. Liberals will read into it whatever they like. Mika just needs to say the word dictator a few times, which was the real point behind all of her hand-wringing and sighs to being with. Plant the seeds.



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