Ouch. Bill Maher Mercilessly RIPS Into Mainstream Media For ‘Losing America’s Trust…’

There’s a lot of a things we don’t like about Bill Maher. Sometimes he can be a real bag of douche, but he’s proven consistent in his douchiness towards everybody. Not just those he disagrees with politically. In fact, Bill ranks as a rather intellectually honest leftist when stacked up against the rest of his liberal cronies.

We have plenty of examples of which (see Bill Maher on Liberals: ‘They Don’t Know S*** About Guns!’ and Bill Maher Slams Leftists Over Idiotic ‘White Privilege’), but this recent clip shows him smashing a target we all dislike: the mainstream media.

In the video below, Bill discusses the problem with the media – of which there are way too many to count. The number is rivaled only by that of feminist leg hairs. Watch as Maher pulls no punches…

“They covered every Trump rally like we put a game show host on the moon. They made him look like he was president before he was. During the primaries, Trump got three times the coverage of everyone else in the primaries.”

“For the sake of the republic, you gotta get serious again. You have to get your respect back, so Trump can’t say, ‘The people don’t believe you, you’re a joke.’”

“The news media lost trust because they became eyeball-chasing clickbait whores.”

Let’s just take a moment to revel in the fact that Bill Maher gave leftist media a serious case of the ouchies…

Look, obviously we don’t agree with everything he said in his rant. The main reason the press is losing to Donald Trump? Probably because when Trump calls them “fake news,” they follow up with more fake news (see Joe Scarborough Ground and Pounds Anti-Trump Media Over Fake News and WaPo Caught Falsely Accusing Russia of ‘Hacking US Power Grid’). When someone says you suck, you fight back by sucking less instead of sucking more. Unless you’re CNN. CNN is deserving of all the masochistic suckage.

While we’re on the subject, part of the public’s lack of trust in the media? That stems from years and years of mainstream media outlets being blatantly manipulated by Democrats. Alas, Bill makes no mention of it in the video above. But you can read more about it here. But on his other points, Maher is right. The press has been infected by cancerous clickbait and is in a downward spiral in which there are no safe spaces.

Wish I could say I didn’t see it coming…


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