*(THE RELIGION OF PEACE NO GO ZONES) -REPORT: Paris ‘No Go Zones” Do They Really Exist? You Will Be Surprised

Russian TV made a program about Paris’s ever expanding Muslim no-go zones to show Russia where it is heading by letting in Muslim migrants. No one is safe from these vile, savaged, violent and horrid Muslim immigrants who contribute nothing but human degradation on society.

The Muslims attack non-Muslims, threaten children in schools forcing them to eat only halal food whether they are Muslim or not, burn cars, buildings and surroundings to generate the fire brigade and police so they can attack them. Like in Britain these savages have filled France with rapes, murder, harassment, violence, threats, genital mutilation, honor murders – all typical for the followers of prophet Mohammed.
And like everywhere else these immigrants settle, they immediately exploit the welfare system and are dragging the French economy into a black endless abyss. In addition, as if that is not enough, Muslims are so criminalized that 70% of the entire prison population in the whole country is – Muslim.
America is on the same path… unless we change our Immigration policies and stop welfare assistance for Muslims migrants. All others when they migrate to America they must show the ability to support themselves and carry insurance, unless you a muslim, that does not apply. Muslims are the new welfare kings and queens of America and they are not relocated in the American ghettos but in middle class America, where they can forever change the dynamic of those communities. #FightAgainstCulturalMarxism

lavonne younan

Paris was the most beautiful city in the world ! No more. !!
Alexandre Milandro

Dear Europeans, I am a former White South African … you are fucked. You will one day understand why Apartheid was a necessity. hehe … you have no idea what they are like …
spot light

The entire problem comes from corrupt political directorates composed of TRAITORS against the people! The political TRAITORS may serve a elite corporate rich who welcomes mass immigration of hostile Muslim migrant criminals into the country because ANY population increase creates increased economic activity and profits! The elites live protected in gated communities and don’t give a damn about Muslim crimes that only the common people must suffer!

over 1000 cars were burnt out on new years eve in paris……not that the msm will telll you this
Dura Lex Sed Lex

Marine Le Pen is France’s last hope for survival.

In America it will be worse. The black population is already Muslimized by 80+ years of propaganda from groups like Nation of Islam. They are primed to really become radicalized once America reaches the flash point of having enough radical Muslims immigrate there.

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