Chuck Todd: Trump on the Brink of ‘Lame Duck’ Presidency

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By Pam Key

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd said President Donald Trump must accept “the fact” that Russia interfered in this election or he will be “on the brink of becoming a temporary lame duck presidency.”

Todd said, “You have a presidency right now that I think is, it’s beyond saying it’s in crisis mode, it’s, you know, it’s on the brink, the question is on the brink of what? Is it on the brink of collapse? Is it on the brink of becoming a temporary lame duck presidency? Maybe it feels lame-duckish temporarily right now. You’ve got a stalled agenda. Republicans who have no fear of this president right now. They don’t think there’s a political penalty to buck him. Obviously, the Russia cloud darkens all of the time, and all of these problems right now that they’re dealing with front and center are self-inflicted by one person, the president of the United States who could not help himself with a tweet on this wiretapping nonsense.”

“That essentially helped unravel ten days of all things Russia in their part of this story,” he continued. “Then throw in the fact that he has decided to drive a wedge in his own party by going after the Freedom Caucus. Okay, but he also attacking Democrats at the same time. He has to go find a dance partner and he is alienating both of his potential dance partners on that front. On the normal political scale, he has problems. Throw in the fact that you have a president that cannot accept the fact that Russia interfered in this election. Until he accepts that fact, it will plague him. The world must be panicked that if he is tested right now by a Putin in the Baltics, by North Korea, is the United States prepared to lead in a crisis right now for the world?”

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Muslims pray outside to protest mosque closure in Paris

Hundreds of Muslims have taken to praying on the streets of a Paris suburb to protest the closure of the hall they had been using as a prayer room.

Protesters gathered outside the town hall of the northern Paris suburb of Clichy on Friday. The Muslims were protesting the loss of their prayer hall which the mayor, Rémi Muzeau, plans to turn into a multimedia library for Clichy’s 60,000 residents.

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The hall had been rented by the Union of Muslim Worship and Cultural Associations of Clichy-la-Garenne (UAMC) since May 2013, but their lease expired in 2016. A court of appeal then ruled against the UAMC, who have been negotiating with the council to keep their old prayer space ever since.

As a result from taking the hall from the UAMC, 300 children now cannot attend Arabic or Islamic history classes formerly being held there.

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“The social and educational role of our association is important, both for newcomers and for younger people,” Soraya, a local mother, told the newspaper 20 minutes. “Our literacy classes offer a means of integration so that French becomes the language of choice in place of Arabic.”

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Local authorities have argued that Muslims can use the new Clichy Muslim Cultural and Worship Center (ACCCMC) that was inaugurated last year. But after visiting the new center – located next to a car pound – last year, UAMC’s supporters say it’s too small and too far away.

“For women, the elderly and children who travel by foot or by public transport in the evenings, it will be difficult for us to get there,” Rabiaa, a member of the UAMC, told 20 minutes. “We will be out of the way and risk losing practitioners along the way.”

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Protesters have been gathering outside the town hall for ten days now, and have vowed to stay every day until the issue is resolved.

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There are an estimated five million Muslims in France, and street prayers are becoming more frequent due to a shortage of mosques. Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has pointed to such outdoor prayers as an example of Muslim encroachment on French secular values.


Circulated email reveals what the media won’t tell you

| – MARCH 31, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – has obtained a copy of an email being circulated among retired U.S. senior military officers regarding his request to be granted immunity as a condition of his testimony from prosecution in exchange for his testimony before the House and Senate intelligence committees.

The body of the email is reproduced here without editing, except for clarifications added into the text with brackets.  The email discussion appearing in parenthesis is in the original email.

A careful analysis of the email reveals a growing consensus among retired senior U.S. military that the Democrats are scapegoating Flynn as part of a Democratic Party partisan agenda to delegitimize the Trump presidency.

On Friday morning, President Trump tweeted, Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!”

The email being circulated among retired senior U.S. military consists of the following eight points, produced here in their entirety:

  1. LTG Flynn seriously and in an outright manner criticized the Obama administration while Mike was active duty as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), for their severely underestimating the threat, at least publicly understating the threat, of the rather rapid rise of ISIS.
  2. Throw in the backdrop of ISIS being created and logistically supported by the Obama Administration, specifically the arms shipments the U.S. Administration originally facilitated to equip and train the Libyan militias that overthrew and eventually murdered Gadhafi, and using to attack and kill a standing U.S. Ambassador during the 11-12 September 2012 attacks at Benghazi.  Stevens was no longer of use to the Obama administration, but as our report reflects (again, thank you), putting him in danger and then not getting all our people (30+) out of Benghazi was truly a Dereliction of Duty by a whole lot of folks.
  3. LTG Flynn is fired from DIA by Obama via [James] Clapper, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency [from 1992 until 1995].  They, of course, had buy-in by (the Muslim) [John] Brennan [director of the CIA from March 2013 to January 2017]  (who according to one of his contract staff, many of the worker bees at CIA despise).
  4. LTG Flynn begins to get even by retiring.  He backs Trump, then triumphs over Obama, Clapper and Brennan by Trump’s getting elected.
  5. LTG Flynn further “one-ups that” by being selected as NSA [National Security Advisor to President Trump].
  6. The Left (led by Obama in his position as lead opponent of America) leak classified, get Flynn removed by Trump (a bad decision by President Trump, unless justice somehow is served).
  7. Flynn says he’ll testify with immunity.  To me, this makes sense.  He has no idea who is shooting at him, as his “Six O’clock” is full of “Bandits” or at the least “Unknowns”, who could turn out to be bad guys in a heartbeat.  Mike knows this.  We discussed this in detail one Saturday afternoon while he waited for air transport to who-knows-where with the rest of Trump’s inner circle.  I enumerated in detail who I thought he needed to watch out for by name.  He agreed with all I suggested (save for one).
  8. Given the apparent lack of support from even President Trump, I’d say Flynn needs all the support he can get.  Immunity gives him an edge he definitely would not have otherwise.


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Afghan man raped, murdered women in Germany and Greece

German prosecutors have charged an Afghan migrant with the murder and rape of a 19-year-old medical student in Freiburg.

The suspect already served a prison term for a similar offense in Greece but was released early.

Officials in the southwestern German city of Freiburg, home of one of Germany’s elite universities where the incident had taken place, announced the charges on Thursday.

The prosecution team accused the suspect known as Hussein K. of having “attacked, strangled and raped” Maria Ladenburger, a 19-year-old medical student who disappeared while on her way home from a party on October 16, 2016.

The prosecutors claim he then dumped her in the nearby Dreisam River. Her body was found on the river bank the next morning by locals.

The prosecution’s charge described Hussein K. as having killed Maria “insidiously and for sexual satisfaction,” DPA news agency reported. Hussein K. was linked to the crime through DNA evidence — authorities used a strand of hair found in the bushes near the girl’s body to identify and arrest him.

Hussein K. had arrived in Germany from Afghanistan as an unaccompanied asylum-seeker in 2015, with no identity papers, and had been living with a Germany foster family since. At the time of his arrest, he told police he was 17 years old. However, two studies by medical age experts suggest the suspect was at least 22 at the time of the crime.

Due to the uncertainty under German law, Hussein K. will be tried as a juvenile instead of adult law. His case will be heard by the juvenile chamber of the Freiburg district court. If convicted of murder, he could be handed a10 year jail term, DPA reports.

The case sparked public outcry after journalist and author Oliver Janich said he discovered that the murder victim was Maria Ladenburger, daughter of Clemens Ladenburger, who has been an assistant to the Director-General of the European Commission’s Legal Service since 2008. It also emerged that Maria had worked as a volunteer in one of the local refugee shelters in her spare time, helping people like Hussein.

The outrage grew louder when it was revealed that Hussein K. had previously been detained on charges of murdering a woman in Greece. According to police, he raped a Greek student and threw her off a cliff on the isle of Corfu in May 2013. He had been sentenced to ten years in prison but was released prematurely only two-and-a-half years into his sentence in October 2015, following a Greek law to ease prison overcrowding.

A date for Hussein K.’s court appearance has not yet been announced. His background has risen questions about why European police had failed to identify and pick up his trail after he left Greece.