BREAKING : Sweden In Flames & NO MSM Coverage !!! TNTV

Published on Mar 1, 2017

pc muppet

Merkel is a lunatic, promoting a problem she has created.
My Self

What an absolute arsehole merkel is!!we have one wanting the same here in Scotland! Nicola Merkel…..oops I meant sturgeon! She’s all out on a mission to wreck us! She needs stopped too!!

My Self Sturgeon should be arrested and executed for Treason, what are the Scots waiting for
someone else

the delusional old bag has to go
Barry Walsh

if hitler was in germany now…there would be no muslims
lavonne younan

Germany is use to dealing with insane leaders ! Enjoy Yourselves Germany !!

5:42 & 5:56 I would have beat the fuck out of those two Muslim scumbags, and ripped their fucking head from their body for what they did.

Merkel always mentions photos of Allepo to make the locals feel guilty when they do not want rapefugees…..but in reality the amount of Syrians refugees coming into Germany is minimal…people are so stupid.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING : Sweden In Flames & NO MSM Coverage !!! TNTV

  1. People who obey the Quran are the way they are obeying the sparkling one who is Lucifer. Muslims know that Allah referees to himself as a colorful sparkling one knowing God is not a colorful sparkling being insisting that Allah is God. Satan has control of them.

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