Leonardo DiCaprio is a Complete Idiot

Published on Mar 1, 2017

Aren’t you just sick and tired of being lectured about your lifestyle by mega rich celebrities?


Of course he’s an idiot.
Errah U. Dite

Actors rarely have their critical thinking challenged. They are surrounded by “Yes Men.”
Will-I- Am

Fuck Hollywood and fuck the global elite
Rational Polemicist

Leonardo DiCaprio – prime example of the typical narcissistic, hypocritical, virtue signaling millionaire cult of celebrity which dwells in satanic Hollywood.
Illegal Commenter

A Hollywood star is a hypocritical fucked up retard? WHAT???
Wild Smile

These actors think they are more important than everyone.
Kadmos Phoinikou Kanaanon

AN actor like Leotardo DiCraprio is nothing more than a professional liar who the ancient Greeks aptly called a “hypocrite.”

2 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio is a Complete Idiot

  1. I figured out Di Caprio was a complete idiot about a year ago. He came to Alberta during Winter and when a warm Chinook wind came through and started melting the ice and snow , bringing up the temperature…..he stated that this was proof of global warming! LMAO! Alberta has always had those Chinook winds blowing through for many thousand of years……It is not proof of global warming!

    I sure hope the “Stella Artois” Company likes their sales going down! Di Caprio has an advert. out that Stella Artois has linked up with a campaign to help those in third world countries have access to clean drinking water. While it is a noble endeavour to be part of…..if Di Caprio is the spokes person for it….. I won’t be buying the Stella Artois product.

    Hollyweird persons need to just sit back, shut their stupid mouths and live in la la land! Thinking is not one of their virtues!

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