Tom Perez Compares Trump to Jim Crow and Know-Nothings

Published on Feb 28, 2017


“Look Daddy! Teacher says every time a Democrat speaks, an angel commits suicide”.

The democrats as a party are done. They do not represent middle class America anymore. They have become the party of criminals, illegals and thugs. That’s why they have now lost all 3 branches of government and the Supreme Court and from the way things look, they are going to lose more seats during the next election cycle.
Buck Norris

deport all Demotards….

Really Tom? Jim Crow? That was all democrat party, not a Republican party finger on it.
Drew Drentlaw

So Perez is going to lead the Democrats back to power by disrupting Republicans, controlling blacks, voter fraud, and increasing black violence. Sounds like he is going back to Jim Crow times. So, just more of the same from the DNC.
Jorge Ituarte

I never thought I would see the day were abiding by the law would be controversial.  The only thing that scares me about these Communist Revolutionaries (lets cut the crap that is what they are) is that there seems to be a lot of ignorant people believing them.  Thank God it is not the majority yet but is an awful lot of people.  PEOPLE…TAKE CONTROL OF BOARDERS OR WE ARE TOAST!!!!
US8 Express

I’ll like to see this stupid moron tom perez in the middle of isis without any bodyguards. he is so stupid and doesn’t represent us the Latino community
Jolly Froster

Slavery, Jim Crow, and Japanese internment were democrat policies. The current policies of bringing in illegals to bring down wages is also a democrat policy.

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