CNN, RINOs, Washington Post, Obama, CIA, Soros Combined Coup Takes Shape


By Rick Wells

The evidence of collusion is overwhelming, but it’s not of anything between those affiliated with the Trump campaign and Russia, it’s of a coordinated attack by Obama’s OFA, his allies in the Bezos-owned Washington Post and the Twiddle Dum RINOs John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

The supposed purpose of the two RINO Senators at the extended interview labeled as a town hall was to give the two establishment whores an opportunity to enlighten America through a discussion of foreign policy. Of course, most of us know that their idea of foreign policy is to find the quickest way to war with Russia. We also know that they are willing to bring down the Trump Presidency if it’s necessary, and even if it’s not, if he doesn’t go along with the desires of the establishment masters that they serve. After all, Trump wasn’t supposed to be there anyway. It was supposed to have been either Clinton or Bush, Cruz, Kasich or in a long-shot Graham. He has no legitimacy, they tell themselves and they’re within their rights to remove him.

The Washington Post is owned by leftist Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. When he purchased the paper in 2013, he accepted the first offer the owner made, $250 million and admitted to doing no due diligence. He claimed it was in part due to his sense of civic duty to be a watchdog for the public. Four months later, this supposed watchdog signed a $600 million contract through his Amazon business with the CIA for web hosting, over twice what he paid for his newspaper. Now Bezos is leaking information about these supposed Russia hacks of information which is sourced to our intelligence agencies and resulted in accusations based upon the “conclusions” reached by the Obama-owned directors of the CIA and DNI.

Bezos appears to have been in a real hurry to buy the paper and price really wasn’t that much of a concern. The election cycle was heating up and they needed control of the propaganda. He paid what was required to get the ability to disseminate information favorable to his comrades in the Democrat party, his fellow globalists, knowing government money would be flowing back his way.

Now, on the day of this ridiculous town hall farce, the Washington Post, who received and reported leaked intelligence info about General Flynn as well as the phony accusations of Russia and the Trump campaign, now reveals more secret information about then-Senator Sessions meeting with the same Russian ambassador. Sessions says it was an innocent meeting in his capacity as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee but when the leftists control the media, you’re guilty until begrudgingly declared innocent.

Attorney General Sessions is a top priority, high value target for the Obama insurgents, one that is set to upend much of his tyrannical actions. He, like President Trump, puts the American people first, a concept that runs counter to the goals of the elite establishment.

Also by being the ones who expose what they will describe as potential criminal or at a minimum “questionable” activity, any subsequent against the Washington Post for their espionage violations may be compromised out of concerns for appearing to be personally motivated reprisals. There’s also the matter of Hillary Clinton wanting to stay out of prison and not owning this Attorney General and how that could present real problems for her. We’re all waiting for that shoe to drop and she may not be willing to wait any longer.

Obama made all of this possible in an action that was finalized on January 3rd of this year by AG Loretta Lynch which expanded those receiving intelligence directly from only the NSA to an additional 13 other agencies. Now leaks are virtually impossible to trace.

Towards his objectives of dispatching President Trump from his rightful position, Obama has already announced that he and his OFA army of agitators are going to be engaged as an anti-American operatives working towards that end in a coup. This clearly is part of that operation and it is obviously under way.


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