Liberal alliance with Islam not a joke anymore

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We have to end the liberal and Islamic agendas
Muslims have low IQ

– If someone wants to kill me, and instead of stopping him, I help him kill me, then – Of course I deserve to die. – If islam wants to destroy the western civilization, and instead of stopping it, the west gives islam immunity through religious freedom and helps islam’s followers destroy the west, then – Of course the western civilization deserves to end.
Canadian Girl

Political correctness has to end.
Willa Hufflepuff

I still don’t get their stupid sign Love Trumps hate…he hasnt shown any hate. Total bull crap these idiot liberals!
Mike Clyne

This nation is truly divided. One side is Americans. One side is Anti-American Americans. So of course I’m a big viewer of the Rebel. I’m American. Once upon a time it used to simply be different points of view with ultimately the same goal. Not anymore though. You are absolutely on point, Mr. McInnes. It’s no joke anymore.
Star Wookie

Every liberal. Every feminist. Hell, every American should be forced to watch someone being stoned to death. Show a woman being stoned to death. Then maybe they will realize how good women in America have it, how horrible women in Arab countries have it, and just how horrible and vicious Muslims really are!!! It can replace sex ed in schools for all I care. Educate our youth before they are brainwashed by the left and media!!!
alllives matter

Thank god for PRESIDENT TRUMP. Cheers from New Zealand.
Tomorrow We Live

Liberals should read the history of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and see what the Islamisation did to their erstwhile left-wing allies once in power?

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