RUSH: We Have No Reason To Be On DEFENSE… We WON The Election!

Published on Mar 2, 2017

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The Dems know that Sessions is looking into PizzaGate.
Jean Wetherbee

the Democratic party are such poor LOSERS they are having temper tantrums.. they need to get over themselves.
Jacqueline Stutmann

Absolutely RIGHT, we have to put THEM on defense, and THEY are indefensible!
charlene lieding

Rush is correct. If one looks at the “big picture”. It is all about strategy. The election was won legally. Determine their strategy and counteract it. Sun Tzu may be a good start. My Father went to the war college. I asked how a war was won or lost. He replied “logistics”. Maybe it is time to cut their needed supply line. Much like General Rommel the “Desert Fox” WWll.
Dennis W

I am SICK of all this BULLSHIT and all the Republicans going along with Democrats all the damn time. They never want to talk about all the ILLEGALS that vote for the Russians is the story. NOTHING but one damn DISTRACTION after another.
Daniel Stern

am I imaging things or are Rush and Alex jones sounding a lot alike recently?
Edo Peter
It’s unfortunate that nobody loses an election anymore. So if you lose, you try everything possible to destroy the winner. This is the mind set of the alt-left,  and honestly if this onslaught against Trump administration by democrats, alt-left MSM and their deep state sponsors continues this way, America will in no long time plunge into a state of complete breakdown of law and order and ultimately a civil war. I’m not sure how long the conservatives can keep tolerating all the nonsense that’s being thrown at them by the alt-left.
Mara Cee

I voted for President Trump, but why do I feel like I’m on the scary walking on egg shells edge everyday? The Democrats and Media, Celebrities along with some of the Republicans are determined to take this win away from the people of the USA for their own agenda, which is really scary to think about and why they are working so hard to do this! It is really making me seriously ill, I feel so nervous all the time. God Help Us!!!!

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