LIMBAUGH: The Real ‘BROMANCE’ Is Between Obama And The Russians

Published on Mar 3, 2017

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Trump needs to hold a press conference or oval office presentation documenting Obama’s connection to Putin, Russia, and the leaks.
David Siller

Rush you are correct again! That is why America listens to you Rush. Everyday without fail.
Robert Shaw

Obama has had his chance time to let Trump do what is best for the people. Folks are whispering coup… If that is real we will have a very bad situation here.
Mike S

Jay Velcamp

Notice: Democrats and the press will never allow a Republican administration now that they have experienced a socialist. American taxpayers will be forced to decide if they are willing to give back the election. Democrats loved the USSR and despise Russia as they are disappointed they gave up on Communism.
Kekistani Patriot

There’s nothing wrong with Russia. They are a Christian nation and aren’t commies anymore. God bless President Trump and may God continue to curse libtards and the media.
Good Day

It’s HIGH TIME the people on the right stop pussyfooting around these lying hypocritical leftists democraps and blast them from here to kingdom come with their hypocrisy by throwing all their BS back in their face!’

2 thoughts on “LIMBAUGH: The Real ‘BROMANCE’ Is Between Obama And The Russians

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