*(MORE FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – ‘No go zones’ Swedish EMTs fear to enter ‘high risk’ areas without police and armour

Published on Mar 3, 2017


Erich O'Brien

Absolutely disgraceful what they have allowed their country to become.Why in the hell did they let this happen. Trump of course is the real enemy…. unreal
Chainsaw Surgeon

Erich O’Brien This was planed during the Obama administration, They were guaranteed Hillary was going to win, She was going to lead the world with no boarders flooding the country’s with refugee terrorist, This is also a UN agenda for the New world order, One world government. Your government has an agenda and it’s to destroy your culture.
Joel Welfare

If the mainstream media chooses to ignore this I’m just done. OPEN YOUR EYES!!
Slosh Mike

Sweden has imported DEAD WEIGHT.  A CANCER that will eventually kill them.  NOTHING good will come out of this.  Sweden deserves to ROT for what they have done to themselves (and to Europe as a whole).
Chainsaw Surgeon

This is the refugees way of saying thank you, please give us more free stuff.
Douglas Greene

Looks like Sweden needs to get their quick reaction swat teams up and running and shoot to kill the perps, that would shut down the lawlessness.

Military involvement is required, door to door house cleaning any resistance should be dealt with deadly force, get the animals out of Sweden make these “animal operated no-go zones a thing of the past” It’s impossible to integrate “animals with humans”
Gerald Williamson

Police are being gagged by pompous bureaucrats in Brussels. Nothing to see here syndrome is going to lead to full blown Martial Law and the Army! Then what will they say? I see clear proof of future private lawsuits being enabled against these Brussels Plotters!
old bag

These scum bags have brought there wars with them it said when they get to 35% to 40% they become a real problem and this is what we are seeing here and it will only get worse we need to find a way to unite against this and send them packing back to were they came from

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