Sanctuary cities: The financial (and human) cost

Published on Mar 3, 2017

Candice Malcolm of notes the high financial (and human) cost of “sanctuary cities”. MORE:…


Go Trump!!!
Darren Swift

People come to the US illegally and they qualify for government jobs? Citizens have a hard time qualifying for that, especially if they’re white. You end up being governed by nonwhite illegals. It’s time to just start a new government. Lots of talk coming from Trump, but no action.
Willam Russo

Trump needs to punish these lawbreakers.

To hell with sanctuary cities…..the law is the law…. What the hell is wrong with these elected officials…..
Lorem Ipsum

Sanctuary city = city not enforcing law. That’s not a sanctuary, that’s an anarchic hellhole.

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary cities: The financial (and human) cost

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