Feminist Whores For Islam

One for the ladies.


Your words are a work of art.

Pat Condell could never be a politician. He tells the truth too often.

Well done Pat, standing up to Islam unlike the 99% of the U.K. who are enabling this dirty cult to prosper.
Nina Petrie

Pat you are a BRAVE man, since these days people do NOT want to hear the truth…….I adore you…….!!! ❤
louis cartman

Most of them hate men because they can’t get one. The thought of millions of dark swarthy young guys who would fuck a goat arriving at least gives the ugly self hating fatties a chance.
Milena M.

send those feminists to middle east.. they can fight for women’s rights there. Sick and tired of their bullshit. Its a cult.
Ha Barry

And let’s not forget female genital mutilation…

Feminists are low-information thinkers, intellectually lazy and moral frauds!

The events of today in Belgium only further support your positions. The liberal left are a truly psychopathic bunch hell bent on their own destruction.

THANK YOU PAT! Brilliant as always! You are the better feminist than these 3rd wave feminists.

3 thoughts on “Feminist Whores For Islam

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