The Deep State War on Trump

Published on Mar 3, 2017

The real story behind the Russia hysteria.


There is a demographic and an ideological war against White people.
EVP Kiernan

The Obama Administration wiretapped every Trump campaign phone, then hacked all his computers. Why the Hell is Obama not being arrested for Sedition and Treason?
John Derosa

The left will never give up. They said so after the election. War is inevitable. This is what must be.
Intergalactic Human Empire

PJW is the only reliable news source. Infowars deserves its own TV channel.

Who are the (((Globalists))) and the (((Deep State)))? Oy vey, who could it be? I wonder if they have anything to do with PIZZAGATE and the global pedophile-rings? I wonder if this is the main reason they are trying to take Trump down? I’m sure Paul will cover all this in his next video 🙂

Time for Trump to hit back hard and put these fucks away.

And I am still wondering why anyone would be in the Democratic party.

The Democrats are the enemy of the Constitution, the American people, and all honest people around the World. The media are their propaganda network.

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