Watters’ World: The left and President Trump edition

Jesse Watters ask Democrats if they agree with President Trump on anything on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

Rainbow Dash47

I love Trump ! I’m so happy he won !! Trump is the best president ever !
jay shawn

Of courseeeeeeeeeeeeeee the JEWESS would be for open borders.
Egyptian Egyptian

I bet Jesse is so tired of clarifying to these fools on what deportation of illegal immigrants means.
mike ryan

i wonder if the smell of the Obama s has gone away? Did they find Michelle mom in there yet?

the left liberals socialists and democrats are completely traitors and are always committed to treason. in nearly every thing they do and they make up all errors in general. the fact these groups are aiding terrorism to this day and those lost fighting for this country. these groups are also allowing children to be victims of deaths and attacks in every place and city these groups run, while longer worse things get with these 3 evil vile groups are.

Unfortunately New Yorker keep demonstrating themselves to being the dumbest people on earth much like O’Reilly the pompous, self absorbed gasbag!!

There is a lot of misinformation percolating out there.Many folks agree with Trump,and don’t even know it.
Richard Head111

We need a wall in the USA to keep out all the liberal idiots.

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