Obama Knew About Wiretapping Trump – Newt Gingrich

Published on Mar 5, 2017

This Liberal party are some dirty mother fuckers.
Bks Bks

arrest Obama for wire tapping Trump tower that is so bad for Obama Hillary doing wicked evil things against the USA
Scott Ragan

NewtonDynamics in one day since Trump has said odumer had his phones tapped we’ve had multiple FBI guys said it did happen former white house people said it happened people said there first request for it got turned dn the second one approved. then we also had former CIA official say it didn’t happen the Democrats say it didn’t happen. so you who know so much tell us your insider information you’re so far out in front of the truth and know and trust the liberals bs and ,ormer CIA chief Mr clapper

Wow liberals are being buried alive by Obama himself !!
Captain Harlock

so what is goin to happen if this true? will Obama goin to jail?

Didn’t Nixon get impeached for wiretapping a political opponent!?
Mad Minute

I voted for Democrats my whole life. Last year was THE LAST time. MAGA!
Bill W

would be very interesting to see what they used as evidence to get the FISA warrant, bet it’s a bit flimsy
John Rowan

Traitor, Communist, Unamerican, Agitator, that is what he is. He has bought this country to its knees. He needs to be exposed for the usurper that he is. Indicte, try, convict and send to prison. Good riddance to a piece of garbage. God bless all the true Patriots.

2 thoughts on “Obama Knew About Wiretapping Trump – Newt Gingrich

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