Democrat Sen. Chris Coons Caught Lying About ObamaGate

Published on Mar 5, 2017


Bibi Le

Chris Coon is a fcking liar. All the DEMS are liar n a supporter of Soros. This is what Soros n the Russian wanted n the DEMS is helping them, they wanted CHAOS in our country. We r so ignorant to fall into their trap. We need to come together to make things better for the people n our beautiful country.
Steve Carnall

The ignorant democrat wants to.apologise? Watch his tounge split! Pit Viper!

POTUS TRUMP better have people checking his food and drink, also have 24hr security on his aircrafts and automobiles, and guards 24/7 because the deep obama clinton state is trying to overthrow our duly elected POTUS by any means necessary.

Why do people vote for their own destruction, by voting democrat. Holy Shitskys, these people are anti America.
West Buoadonna

This is an example of all these anti trump politicians going around saying the same talking points. Problem is they all forget what they say from day to day. Drain the swamp!
Dorothy Middaugh

Coons is an idiot.
forgotten man

investigate everybelected official on the hill for ties to foreign governments and replace all members of the intelligence community who are the slightest bit partial one way or the other we have a serious problem and it is systemic throughout the US government no one is loyal and all seem to have an attitude of impunity or immunity from the espionage act the world can see how porous we are on every level there is nothing that cannot be bought and they know it time to drain the swamp for real not out of political hatred but rather out of necessity for survival.
Jill Piazza

I will never believe a word they say!!!! They do not know the meaning of truth. They should all rot in jail

Never vote democrat again. never…
Willy Russo

Sick demonRats.

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