Kellyanne Conway Brings the Juice!



Bitoni Lane

investigate everyone! every person elected to work in washington.. investigate them ALL. lets drain the swamp!!!!!! flush the corrupt down the toilet
Catherine Mendel

Time to bring out the truth serum and the lie detectors…
Regina Chamberlain

OBAMA =Americas biggest fuck up can we just erase him from the history books and remove all references to this kenyan? his administration and everything the foreigner did be made null and void
deathlock deff

the democrats are shiting themselves right know

keep an eye on Obama in case he try’s to escape!
Carl Brown

I am a Black Democrat and I’m sick of this obstruction. Trump won, move on, the nation needs this.
stewart william

Quite ironic really: Here is Trump being lambasted from morning to dusk by the ”FEMINAZI”. and his ..?supposed disrespect of women?.. and yet much to the disgust and annoyance of that same ”FEMINAZI” ….. ”Who is TRUMP’S right-hand-man” ??? Kellyanne Conway …… a ”WOMAN”! ….. Ouch! … Now that wasn’t in the liberal script!


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