UK Helped Obama WIRETAP Trump? Insider Explains FBI, NSA Coup (ObamaGate Sedition)

Published on Mar 6, 2017

Did the UK help Obama wiretap Trump Tower?

Barney Fife

Why did Comey come out and state that there is no evidence that Trump was bugged??  Comey could have been replaced, but Trump allowed him to stay and then Comey does this?? I don’t get it.  I love how you present your videos.  Keep up the great work.  God Bless.

Obama thought they were going to win so they did not think they get caught.
Darlene Wanstall

Obama is pure evil. Obama is the devil. Obama needs to be arrested asap before Obama assassinates our beloved President Trump. Obama fried his brains decades ago smoking his crack cocaine.
Sheila Starks

Fire Corrupt Comey
HaztaLaVista Baby

Is that they really believe that before a civil war, we won’t go after them first. We are keeping track of their trails
Darlene Wanstall

Obama should have been in prison along with his tranny Michael years ago! Treason, illegal wiretapping, sedition, lying, deception, stealing billions of dollars from the American ppl and non-stop propaganda to overthrow the United States. Obama broke hundreds of laws while in the White House. Prison for this gay muslim devil!!!

I thought Muslims like to throw Gays off of buildings as punishment. When will Barry Poppins get tossed?
Jim Britt

They used the UK to hide their own tapping. After receiving the information, the US intel could inadvertently deny guilt of tapping. Then… the Brexit won and the Dems lost, both completely UNEXPECTED. NOW GUILT IS INEVITABLE without their CONTROL.
will ford

I noticed all the Congressional meetings in the UK about Trump and their disagreements on his views I could understand that they would play a role in trying to derail presidency for Trump by working with Obama they probably most likely wiretapped Trump

Find out who signed the affidavits.  Find out the judges that signed the warrants. Now!

3 thoughts on “UK Helped Obama WIRETAP Trump? Insider Explains FBI, NSA Coup (ObamaGate Sedition)

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