Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Denounce Democrats Oral Sex Jokes About Kellyanne Conway

Published on Mar 6, 2017

Old bag Nancy Pelosi dodges questions about sexist comments made by Democrats about Kellyanne Conway, and keeps trying to pivot and blame President Trump for everything. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Caliber Champ

It’s amazing how she is a leader of the Democratic party. The whole party is a joke.
Johnny Carlos

remember these are the people who got outraged by trump joking about grabbing pusys
Haydn Po

la this a joke? Look at what Bill Clinton did in the oval office where he Sexually assaulted Women.
Jen Thomas

What about Obama with his feet on the OVAL DESK? Being a Muslim, showing the bottom of his shoes, was telling America F.U.
Huw Hodges

The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze me. The brain dead Pelosi just couldn’t bring herself to criticise another liberal. Maybe she should’ve waited to see the tape so she could’ve “seen what’s in it” !!!! Why do the demo-rats allow her to speak publicly? She hasn’t got enough sense to come in out of the rain!
Huw Hodges

Where’s the outrage from the feminists over this obvious anti-female “joke”? You can bet that if a Trump appointee had said this the butch-dyke community would have gone apoplectic.
Grace Asher

These people make me sick. They aren’t for women, they are for themselves. They can say anything but if a Republican farts they go straight to court over it. They deflect everything. These people literally are evil. Complete and sheer evil, satan evil who want nothing but to prop themselves up at the expense of the American people for their own selfish success. I’m glad God sees all and knows all hearts. It’s like these people aren’t even concerned about that. Well, they will see. They are of this world. They will see.
rogue warr

as long as the democrats keep nancy pelosi around .were in good shape .she a nut cake
Lorrie Sigley

The Democrats are SCUM. Bill Clinton goes on RAPE RAMPAGE in the White house, Democratic Congressman make blow job jokes at Democratic dinners and they have the NERVE to criticize Trump, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

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