RUSH: Obama ‘More Than Being IRKED’ By Trump’s First Month Job Numbers

Published on Mar 8, 2017

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El Luchador De Gullos

During the 8 years of that clown there were a lot of Americans that were irked and exasperated . Now he can get a feel for it .

Who gives a fuck if he’s upset? He’s trying to overthrow our free election

Typical parroting by the msm.More proof they are not journalists but propagandists.
mike glaser

Sounds like they got the memo, hahahaha
ldylina 63

Trump needs to put all kinds of surveillance mechanisms in the bunkers where Obama lives now to spy on him and his make believe army…
kevin sullivan

CNN, the Very Fake News Network, is so concern that Obama is irked & EXASPERATED over Trump. Strange!! CNN sure wasn’t concern about W Bush being “irked and evaporated” when Obama blamed W Bush on everything in his first term. Even when it was Obama’s fault. The MSM & the Democratic Nuclear Meltdown continues…….
Sick Boy Valdez

Obama’s actions post-presidency prove he was the greatest mistake we’ve ever made

Why can’t Obama just fade away into the Indonesian bush now? Must the scoundrel be deported?

3 thoughts on “RUSH: Obama ‘More Than Being IRKED’ By Trump’s First Month Job Numbers

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Trump needs to keep the pressure on Obama and Jarrett because when you start getting to someone mentally they make mistakes; and these two have had their way for 8 years so they are vunerable!

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