‘A day we don’t want to see again’: 5 injured in Dusseldorf ax attack, 1 arrested (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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Police in Dusseldorf have arrested one person following an ax attack at the city’s main train station which has left five people injured. Police are unsure at this stage if the perpetrator acted alone.


Police were called to the scene at 8:50pm local time after being alerted to a violent situation at the station. Police confirmed in a press briefing later that five people were injured, two of them women. One person was hospitalized due to the serious extent of their injuries.

Police found the attacker’s axe and while surveillance footage captured another person running quickly from the scene, police said it was not clear if this person was running away from the attack.

“We don’t want to jump to conclusions that he was alone,” the spokesman said. Special police forces are continuing to search the tracks and the area remains on lockdown.

“We are not using the words ‘rampage’ or ‘terror’,” the spokesman said, according to Reuters, adding that there was no serious threat of further attacks.

The officer said he could not comment on the age or nationality of the attacker, who is badly injured in the hospital. No information on the motive was provided.

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Federal police tweeted that “speculation won’t help” and said Dusseldorf police would inform the public about the ongoing operation at the main station.

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A large police presence was deployed to the scene. A police helicopter is circulating over the area, according to RP Online. Trains have been diverted from Dusseldorf’s main train station while police continue to deal with the incident.

A police spokesman told the press that the attacks happened at two tracks and in the station hall. He said that the arrested suspect had tried to escape by jumping from an overpass in the vicinity of the station onto Ellerstrasse, injuring himself in the process.

A video posted online by an eyewitness inside the station shows the aftermath of the incident.


“They just came in here and attacked people with an ax. I saw many things in my life, but I have never seen anything like this. He just started hitting people with his axe,” the man says. “The whole station is full of police officers. It is sickening.”

Düsseldorf Mayor Thomas Geisel has visited the scene. “This is a day we do not want to see again,” he told the media.

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Federal chancellery minister Peter Altmaier tweeted after the incident: “Whatever happened at Düsseldorf’s main station, our empathy and thoughts are with the innocent injured.”

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