Within hours of this report being published complaints have been filed to remove the video

Infowars.com – MARCH 10, 2017

Right now, we are witnessing the breakdown of a neo-liberal political point-of-view giving way to conservatism as the new counter culture.

This mass hysteria we are witnessing, in response to Donald Trump becoming president, may a response to one of the most misunderstood political changes in modern history.

However, if we examine the hyper-normalization that occurred towards the end of the Soviet Union, we get a deep understanding of what is occurring now as the leftist political ideology collapses before our eyes.

Liberal teachers and professors have acquired a monopoly on university jobs to the extent that they tend not to hire conservative leaning professors, creating an echo chamber for radicalization.

In doing so, they fail to offer a politically diverse assortment of professors.

Therefore, students get indoctrinated with a leftist ideology with the false impression that they are hearing from diverse points of view.

While, at the same time, students find themselves looking at conservative culture in bewilderment projecting onto it a false impression that conservatives are bigoted, racist, intolerant and must be stopped.

As this hyper-normalized political ideology of the left continues to crumble, we should expect to see further mass hysteria as its symptom while impressionable young people lose the false sense of security they once had in their unsustainable beliefs.

It’s only a matter of time before we shall see more conservative political expressions transition from being the new counter culture to becoming the hegemonic social norm.

Separate Myself

I haven’t seen any of these masked terrorists in Virginia, it’s too bad I want to confront some of them. I wish a bitch would attack me for filming she would regret it instantly when I break her nose. Act like a man get treated like a male. There’s your equality.

So how do we stop this brainwashing the colleges are doing to our kids? People should be highly outraged. They are breeding an uprising against our country. These professors are terrorists.
Tyrone Koumoundouros

Kill the communist professor’s . The are not teachers ,they are traitors .
gilmourizeit 007

Heheehehe………Reminds me of going to the zoo in the monkey section. only difference is the monkeys are more civilized and smarter.
O&A Video Archive

Trumps first full month as President (February): 235,000 NEW JOBS, Unemployment rate goes down to 4.7% ! GO TRUMP!
Unreachable 1983

Reagan said the day the USA is overrun with communism it will come in the form of liberalism.


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