CNN Cuts Feed of Obamacare Victims Explaining Problems with Current Healthcare Laws

Published on Mar 14, 2017

CNN Cuts Feed of President Trump meeting with people who have been ripped off by Obamacare, who he called “victims” of the current healthcare law. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Some Anon

Nah this actually is legit, CNN lost so many viewers they probably cant really pay for a stable connection. Soon they’ll be broadcasting from some broomcloset inviting over influential celebrities like Shia Labeouf.
Jamie White

That’s how I cut CNN when I’m flipping through channels. 😂

That piece of shit.of a news station needs to be shut down and all the so called journalists there needs to be locked up for spreading fake news and propaganda.
Vasia Neokleous

One think I cannot understand, Why people continue to watch Fake CNN news? Just ignore them once for ever!!!!!
Katie Eubanks

CNN is just shameless….

Can anyone remember the last time ANY other news outlet lost the feed on air? I can’t honestly. With cnn its pretty much a weekly event. Darkness cannot survive in the light.
kevin sullivan

OKAY!! I can see a glitch here and there but this?? Even the Weather Channel doesn’t have this much glitches. NOTE: Weather Channel – Comcast owned (NBC). CNN – Time Warner owned (TBS). SOMETHING IS UP!! You going to tell me Time Warner can’t buy Satellite time but Comcast (a cable company) can?? Saw CNN staged “FAKE” war strikes in the Middle East, but loosing satellite feed at the White House in Washingtin DC?? ARE YOU KIDDING??

Just avoid CNN at all cost. They are not a news outlet but a pure propaganda channel from the start (1980). Period.


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